Sunday, May 1, 2011

Put a Bump In It!

Wanna know how to get a voluminous bouffant in 2 minutes?..a BUMPIT! You can get a bumpit set for $9 at Ulta, Sallys, or even your local drug store. It is super easy to use! You can also find the dry-shampoo "PSSSSSST" at Ulta for $5.99.


For other bumpit styles check out


  1. When I first heard about the bumpit on TV I was thinking are you serious I'm not falling for that?! So I saw this on your blog and thought wow your hair looks super cute. Well I went to Sally's today and it just so happens there was a package of three sizes Large, Medium and a Small bumpit for only $2.99. So of course I had to buy it at this point and I took it home and LOVE it. Thanks for the idea and the video on how to wear it!

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