Friday, June 24, 2011


Is it too late to elope???


  1. i'm scared to get married now....especially right after school with $60,000+ debt in student loans! hahah this is horrifying yet oh so fun?! why??!!

  2. Quite shocking, but it's definitely easy to have a nice wedding on a budget and not pay that much. My husband and I paid less than 14k for ours including our honeymoon with little sacrificing.. and everything turned out wonderfully! :) I won a lot of giveaways and DIY'd a lot of our decor.

    Congrats on your engagement.. I see you have 4 months left! How exciting :)

  3. Thanks Nicole-Lynn!! Our wedding is definitely an outlier when it comes to the "average" American wedding. I sure can see how easy it is to get swept up in "upgrading" this and that though, it's a slippery slope! We are doing most of it ourselves, and I also enter every contest I can find! We recently won free bowties for our groomsmen! :)


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