Monday, August 1, 2011

DIY Linen Wreath

Make your own darling linen wreath to adorn that empty hook in your hallway, or to hang on your front door.  It is so simple to create, yet it makes such a statement for your home.  

You Will Need:

A Wire Hanger


{2-3 Yards} of Linen, or Linen “look-alike”


Rip your fabric into 3 - 4 inch width strips. 

{Note: For a nice, full wreath, make sure to wash your fabric, and tumble dry for a crumpled look.}

Use your pliers to open your wire hanger, and form it into a circle. Poke a hole through the center of one end of your first strip of linen, and continue to feed it through...

When the wreath is nice and full, use your pliers to bend and tie the ends together.
Use ribbon {or another piece of the same linen} to make a tie to hang your wreath. 

Hang & Enjoy!


  1. What an awesome idea! I'm definitely going to have to try this soon.

  2. This is so cute!! And I love the colors you chose!!

  3. I love this! The process seems easy, while the finished project looks fantastic...It's most definitely going on my must-do list!

  4. Super cute! It turned out great! I plan to make one out of burlap soon!


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