Monday, October 15, 2012

Fancy Avocados?

You've probably caught on by now that I LOVE avocado. Recently, I've used it {here}, {here} and {here}! Since I go through about a bag of avocados a week, I buy them in bulk at Trader Joes, while they are still hard and green, and ripen them as I need them!

Here is a trick I use to speed up the ripening process

Place your avocado in a closed paper bag with a banana.
Within half a day, your avocado should be well on its way to ripening. The longer it sits, the more it ripens. I usually throw my avocado in a bag on the morning of the day I want to use it. By the time I get home from work it is squishy and ready for dinner!

Apparently ripe bananas release a lot of ethylene, which help speed up the avocado ripening process.
One more avocado trick to keep your avocado from browning...
Instead of squirting the avocado with lemon juice {or coating it with cooking spray}, simply layer a lemon slice on the cut half of the avocado and wrap it tightly until you’re ready to use it.


  1. whaaaat? this blows my mind, and is a total game-changer.

    we go through avocados so quickly, and i get so upset when i cant find one that's ripe! thank you thank you!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I had no clue!

  3. I go through avocados like it's a part-time job. I usually leave the pit in my dip (or whatever I make) to keep it from browning. After a little stir, it's green again!

  4. Wow, that is crazy! Thanks for sharing.


  5. ok seriously this just made my day!!!! :) thank you!!!

  6. As a fellow avocado lover I wish I had the ability to hug you right now; I can't count how many times I've gone through unripened avocados and almost cried as I threw them away in the trash because they were inedible. I am an impatient person, ESPECIALLY when it comes to noshing on avocados :)

  7. Love avocados!!! I was just telling my husband today that I hate how they go bad so quickly- thanks for advice!

  8. You are like the cutest little wife ever with all these tips. I am also obsessed with avocado. There is this amaze recipe on skinny
    I bet you would like it. It is so delicious and skinny too. Can;t beat it. Great little trick honey!!

  9. Wow, these tips just blew my mind! Thank you so much for this post.

  10. Love love LOVE avocados! I also leave the pit in the avocado half I don't use immediately and wrap in plastic wrap. Most of it stays green until I'm ready to use it the next day. Great tips!!

  11. just found this entry!!
    I will def. try it!!


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