Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Baking Fail

Just in case you were wondering if I ever screw up in the kitchen...i do.
 All. The. Time.
My most recent recipe gone awry was The Easiest Mini Deep Dish Fruit Pizzas. Did you catch "easiest" in the recipe title? You should also know that this recipe was created by a mom who wanted to bake with the help of her 4 year old.
3 Step Recipe: Bake pre-made cookie dough. Add cream cheese and cool whip topping. Decorate with fruit.
Fail proof, right? Here is what the fruit pizzas were supposed to look like...
And here's how mine turned out...
Epic baking fail. 
Despite doubling the cooking time the recipe called for, my cookies came out doughy and mushy. Then I decided the frosting wasn't sweet enough, so I added powdered sugar, which really just made the frosting super runny and gross. 
Matt declined to taste the final product.

Just keepin it real.


  1. LOL! You are not alone girlfriend! I have kitchen fails all of the time too! So funny... good try though!

  2. Did you happen to find this recipe on Pinterest? I attempted a Pinterest art project that a huge fail! Guess we should be wary of what we see on the internet. They look cute though, so it's worth another try!

    Amanda @ Running in Heels

  3. Hahah, love the honesty. I'd probably eat them anyway.

  4. hahahaa! I would have oh so many fails to submit were this a gallery. at least it wasn't overcooked.

  5. That sucks!! :( I haven't been cooking nearly as much as a I should. I feel like a bad wife.

  6. They still look quite yummy and I would totally scarf those down!

  7. I've totally done the same thing, but with that salsa crockpot chicken everyone raves about... I ended up being a Papa Johns night instead ;)

  8. hahah! the sad part is that theyre still pretty cute ;) xoxo

  9. Haha this happens to me too often! The last was cherry cheesecake! I doubled the recipe and it flopped! The cherries were on te bottom instead of the top! I later learned I forgot to add lemon juice! How did no lemon juice cause this massive flop? Lol

  10. He wouldn't even taste it?! Doesn't he know that the rule is, if you make it...he has to taste it!

  11. You are cute. Me too. I mess up crap all the time.

  12. I always end up having to adjust baking recipes and just find what works for me because they never turn out perfect on the first go.


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