Friday, June 21, 2013

Five on Friday: A Link-up!

Bring on the sunscreen, vacations, bright nail polish, summer dresses and floppy hats - it's the first official day of SUMMER! I am so ready for summertime!

 Before we get down to business... a big congratulations to fellow Five on Firday host Natasha, on the arrival of Miss Carson! Couldn't be happier for your family of four!
  On to the Five!

- ONE - Ohhhh myyy gooodness. The semi-annual Bath & Body Works sale is going on right now! Earlier this week I stocked up on $5 aromatherapy bubble bath {regularly $13}, $3 hand soaps {regularly $5.50}, $5 mini candles {regularly $10} and $10 three-wick candles {regularly $20}!
  Saved $55.50!!
- TWO - Ever since we brought our lemon tree outside for the summer it has been growing like crazy!! Contrary to all of the reviews and tips I read, this tree is thriving in all of our recent downpours and summer heat! Grow little tree, grow!

Also, after I wrote {this post} about my obsession with our new lemon tree, a few of you asked where you could find one. Recently I've seen them stocked at Home Depot for $20!!
 - THREE - I cut my hair off! Well, four inches off anyway. I am loving my new short hair for summer and am super happy with how healthy and voluminous my hair feels.
- FOUR - I am dying to make this fruit pizza. OH MY GOODNESS it looks delicious!!!
Fruit Pizza
2 pkgs. packaged sugar cookie dough
8 oz. cream cheese (Istrawberry whipped cream cheese)
1 lime
 strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, bananas, kiwi, mandarin oranges

Press cookie dough into a sheet pan, and use a rolling pin to roll flat. Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes until lightly brown. Let cool. Mix cream cheese with juice from one lime. Spread on cooled cookie crust. Slice fruits and place in rows on top of cream cheese layer.

- FIVE - If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am celebrating the first day of summer on the coast of the Sunshine State in a big floppy hat this weekend for a mini family beach vacation!
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  1. You shouldn't have told me about the B&B sell! I'm a lemon junkie and they have everything imaginable in a delicious lemon scent .....I have most all of it, but it's about time to restock!!!

    Secondly - that's it. I'm getting a lemon tree (my brother and SIL got one right after you did), so I have lemon envy! ;)

    And I really LOVE your hair! Looks great and perfect for summerrrrr time!

    Have a wonderful and relaxing mini beach vacay / fam get together! You guys have an awesome summer line-up too!

  2. cute hair! also, i agree with darci. . . i have lemon envy and i think i need a lemon tree now. good to know they thrive in NC!

  3. Super jealous of your lemon tree! And your hair-cut looks great!!!

  4. Don't you just LOVE Bath & Body Works sale!? eeeek! I def went & got some candles the other day too! Love your little lemon tree! Have fun on your vacation!

  5. I love the planter that your lemon tree is in, it's so cute!! Your hair looks fabulous, too! I just cut my hair as well. I always feel like I need to go a bit shorter in the summer to deal with this SC heat and humidity! Have a fabulous time in Florida, can't wait to see the pictures!

    Happy weekend!


  6. Your hair looks incredible! Have fun in FL

  7. fruit pizza is one of my favs and this one looks like a sure fire hit!!! let us know how it is ;)

    loving the new cropped 'do my friend...looks gorgeous and perfect to combat the hotness this summer

    so sweet of you to call out the newest addition--have a great one darling!! OXOX

  8. that fruit pizza looks so amazing!!!!!

  9. I love the 3 wick candles, especially when they're on sale. $10 each is such a steal! I like to stock up and keep them as hostess gifts or as a quick birthday gift.

    Your hair looks fab, by the way!

  10. Your hair looks lovely Christina! Enjoy Florida!

  11. Thanks for the info about B&B!! I will definitely be stocking up on some soap!

    Love the new hair!!

  12. OMG I need to shop with you! I know where I am going after work!

  13. Love your hair. Enjoy your weekend, and I joined you this week. Very excited about that. I had some time today to get it together. Love the link.

  14. Your hair looks great! Have a great weekend on the beach!

  15. That fruit pizza looks so delicious. That wouldn't last past the weekend at my house. :) I will be in your sunny state later this month (Disney!). I am sort of addicted to Bath & Body Works hand soaps and wallflowers! They do have some good coupons! We have a blueberry and a tomato bush on our patio, never thought of a lemon tree... how fun! Looks like lots of lemonade in your future!

  16. Cute hair! The pizza does look delish!

  17. i have got to get to bath n body works... i loveee their soap and need to stock up! and love those fun sunglasses :)

  18. I linked up for the first time today!! & I need to try that fruit pizza, look delious!!

  19. Your hair looks great! I've been thinking about cutting mine, but scared! haha I love when B&BW's has their sales! Definitely a good time to stock up! And yes, that fruit pizza sounds great! I pinned it and can't wait to try it!

  20. Welcome to Florida!! I hope you enjoy our pretty beaches and hot, sunny, {did I mention hot?} Florida weather. :) Have fun!! -Kristen

  21. I'm so happy you made the comment about lemon trees at Home Depot. My husband has been wanting one for about a year now and since we live in WI we can't find anyone that sells them. Went straight over to Home Depot and I found them! He was so excited! Thanks again!

  22. I love your hair! So pretty! That pizza looks amazing.


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