Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Selecting a Pregnancy Pillow

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I started researching pregnancy pillows. This was one of the items that mommies warned me not to wait too long to purchase. Picking out a pillow was actually pretty overwhelming since they all seemed to offer just about the same things but the prices were all over the place. In the end, I decided to go with the Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy pillow and was very happy with my choice!
But then...
 I was contacted by the Bump Nest to try out their pregnancy pillow and oh my goodness this pillow has changed my sleep completely. In fact, I didn't think a pregnancy pillow could be so different, not to mention cute!
 Check out the pillow to pillow comparison here:
The biggest differences I noticed was the fabric and filling. The Bump Nest feels like tempurpedic foam, while the Leachco Snoogle feels like cotton filling. 
My opinion? If you can splurge on the Bump Nest, I highly recommend forking over the extra cash for it. However, if you are desperate for good sleep and need an inexpensive pillow to get by with, try the Snoogle. Just my two cents...



  1. this is awesome. thanks for sharing. i need to get one ASAP! sleeping on my stomach is beginning to disappear soon.

  2. I considered the Bump Nest, loving my Snoogle although I have found that it is a little too easy for me to find myself on my back while using it!

  3. I have been going back and forth on the two for awhile and finally decided I needed to make a decision, so I just ordered the Snoogle a few hours ago :-( Now that I read this, I went ahead and ordered the Bump Nest too- going to return the Snoogle when it arrives. Thanks for the comparison!

  4. I will have to remember the Bump Nest for my next little one! I too used the Snoogle during my pregnancy and slept great with it. However, the stuffing wore down since I always laid the same way on my side and I hated that I couldn't wash the entire pillow. Thanks for your review!

  5. This is so good to know when we have our next little bundle! I too had the snoogle - it wore down from use but I think the worst part was giving it up after our little one arrived! There are still some nights I miss it and if I'm sick I want nothing more than to go drag it out of our basement to help me sleep hehehe

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