Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 20 Bumpdate

How far along: 20 weeks! WE ARE HALFWAY THERE!!! I can't believe how fast my pregnancy is flying by! I am having so much fun and love being pregnant so it's bittersweet to celebrate our halfway point today! Second trimester rocks.
Baby Size: We found out at our U/S appointment last week that lil C is just over a half pound now! She is the size of a mango (6.5 inches long).

Weight gain: Up another 1.5 to 122! 14 pounds total!

Maternity clothes:  Oh yes, and loving it! One of my besties sent me the best surprise in the mail this week too - a super soft and comfortable GAP maternity sweater! I love the color and am definitely going to get lots and lots of use out of this the rest of the season!
Stretch marks: I have a bad feeling these are coming and I can't do anything to stop them! I'm using my creams every night after my bath!

Sleep: Like a champ and thankful for it! I had another tooth dream (so weird) and am also dreaming about Caroline now which has been so fun. In my dreams she is a blonde version (no idea why) of what I looked like as a baby. Oh, and she has hair in my dreams. My parents thought I was never going to grow hair, so you can imagine their surprise when it came in RED! HA!
{the special mommy who baby Caroline gets her name from}

Gender: A sweet baby GIRL - Caroline Grace Marcellino!
Movement: YES - ONCE, but it was nothing like I expected. I thought I was going to feel a little jab or kick. Oh no. It was more like a mix between the "butterfly feeling" and a big wave crashing inside my belly. I'm pretty sure Caroline had to do a complete flip for me to finally recognize her movement! It lasted like 6 seconds but it was the best 6 seconds of my pregnancy yet! Now if only she would move a little bit more...

Best moment this week: Lots this week! During my anatomy scan we found out Caroline is growing healthy! She weighs a half pound and her heart rate was 149 bpm! We also had a big week of surprise packages addressed to Caroline...I swear I cry every time we receive one of these.
  Mom and dad sent us our first family ornament // Our dear friends Channing and Trey sent us the most adorable monogrammed diaper cover. I almost died when I opened the box and saw those 3 letters. // Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Ryan sent us Caroline's first summer outfit -- the cutest little dress I've ever seen. The back ties into a huge bow and immediately I could picture our sweet girl wearing this in August. We are so beyond blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family in Caroline's life!
Looking forward to: A much needed hair appointment this weekend and getting ready for our trip down to Florida for Christmas next week! 

Food cravings: Peanut butter, egg sandwiches, orange juice and queso...
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing at all!
Labor Signs: Not anytime soon.
What I miss: Nothing really. I am so enjoying every minute of this pregnancy!!! Have I mention how much I love second trimester?!
Symptoms: Growing belly and increased appetite.

Nursery: Still a guest room, but we are definitely going to be making the nursery a priority after the first of the year.
Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood: Elated!

Workouts: 4 elliptical workouts and 1 cardio funk class to make up for all of the Christmas cookies I've been devouring. I also started modifying some of my "hip hop moves" in class and am taking the intensity down a few levels.

Prayer for Caroline: 
Dear Lord, I praise you for my halfway point in my pregnancy. It is so awesome the way You designed pregnancy to take care of all of the baby's needs. This week I pray for Caroline's skin as it grows into the four layers. Protect her physically and spiritually, and keep her safe in your loving arms. In the name of Jesus. Amen.
"Devote yourselves in prayer; stay alert in it with Thanksgiving." 
 -Colossians 4:2


  1. You look so much like your mom! What a sweet picture to have to show baby C who she is named after!

  2. awe adorable! :) i can't wait until 20 weeks.

  3. Congrats, how exciting!! You look adorable. :)

    a Classy State of Grace

  4. Oh, friend --- I don't know what's going on with me this morning, but I seriously teary eyed over here after reading this! In all honesty, I have never seen a more gorgeous photo of you than this one. Pregnancy suits you, dear. And yes, the second trimester does ROCK!

    And those bloomers.... oh, those monogrammed bloomers! (isn't that what they are called? -- boy mom over here!)

    I cannot believe that you girls are already 1/2 way through your pregnancies. I guess it always goes faster when you're not the one pregnant! Ha! You look amazing - so happy for you!

  5. I think you look like your mom, too :) And you are lookin' fab!

    Those presents are just the sweetest. I can't wait for our next walk!

  6. I see so much of you in that picture of your Mom! What a special photo. You are absolutely glowing! Love all of the little outfits for Caroline - how sweet!

  7. So cute! You are the cutest mommy-to-be!

  8. Cannot believe you and April are already halfway there! It is flying by!

  9. Girl your gorgeous but pregnancy sure does make you glow times 10!!! Enjoy your pregnancy it goes quickly :) Those outfits for baby girl are just sooo stinking cute !!!

  10. You have your mama's beautiful smile!! And you look too cute in the first picture - totally evident how smitten you are with little Caroline and the joy that pregnancy has brought you! Glad you're feeling great! :)

  11. eeep! half way there :) so exciting! love all the little monogram goodies! xo

  12. Woohoo! What a sweet update. I'm so glad that you are having such a wonderful pregnancy expierence. I get nervous about someday being pregnant and selfishly having to give up so much (ie. Sushi?! Wine?! ) but your recaps make me feel like it's actually something to look forward to!

  13. I love the dress/shirt you're wearing in your bump date pic! Where did you find that? I'm on the hunt for some serious maternity clothes, and having a tough time of it, so any help you can offer is appreciated! Thanks!

  14. that little summer outfit!! I die!!! :) :)

  15. Such cute gifts!!! Happy 20 weeks!!

  16. You look wonderful! Enjoy it, pregnancy is such a special time:)

  17. Suchhhhh a cute baby bump!! You look fabulous!!

  18. Such thoughtful and cute gifts. Just adds the growing excitement. Pregnancy looks great on you girly :)

  19. You look fantastic!! I had the same top you're wearing in that pic when I was pregnant two years ago! Great for festive holiday parties!!

  20. Try laying flat on your back at night and relaxing. I started to feel our baby girl around 20 weeks but only when laying flat. Soon she will be keeping you up at night. Enjoy it!

  21. You look so much like your mama! My sister in law is pregnant right now and she too lost her mom at a young age. I am so excited to watch her become a mom because although she didn't have hers for long I think she is going to be incredible. Just.like.you!

  22. You are gorgeous lady!!! Love the name you picked!!! 2nd trimester is totally the best!!!!


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