Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Week 22 Bumpdate

How far along: 22 weeks!

Baby Size: I'm not really sure how accurate this is, but according to my app the baby is supposed to be the size of a spaghetti squash (8 in, 1 lb). However, at my check up yesterday we were told that Caroline is measuring "smaller than average" and that we will need to come back in for an ultrasound to measure again in a week. Although that's never awesome news to hear and I of course panicked, the doctor said she may just be a really small baby, which wouldn't surprise anyone since both Matt and I are petite sized too...

Weight gain:16 pounds. Yikes - too many Christmas cookies!

Maternity clothes: Oh yes, and I got hooked up with gift cards to Destination Maternity and GAP so I've been online shopping like crazy for some new outfits.

Stretch marks: Still slathering on the cream at night.

Sleep: Awesome. Back sleeping is no longer comfortable but I love my Bump Nest so much that I don't mind side sleeping. I also have to turn very slowly in the middle of the night otherwise I get all sorts of (round ligament) pains from moving too quickly.
Gender: Girl, girl, girl!! And my goodness did we get lots of pink stuff for Christmas!!!
Movement: YES - lots and lots of flutters now and loving it. At my appointment yesterday the doc said Caroline is definitely one happy baby because she was moving like crazy!

Best moment this week: Being with both families for Christmas!
Looking forward to: 2014!! And our ultrasound next week!

Food cravings: Sherbert and chocolate milk.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing!
Labor Signs: No
What I miss: Champagne for NYE but the mocktails get the job done too.
Symptoms: Weight gain, increased appetite, round ligament pains when moving too quickly and growing belly!

Nursery: Our crib arrived earlier than expected and I am so anxious to get it all set up. We finally got rid of the bed in the guest room and are planning to start painting within the next 2 weekends. Big projects to come...
Belly Button in or out? In. Definitely in and with no sign of coming out.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood: So happy and thankful!!

Workouts: Only two workouts this week. But I did get some new running shoes for Christmas that I am excited to break in!

Prayer for Caroline:

Dear Lord, thank you for this week. You said to ask for what we need, in your name, and You would do it. You said it and I believe it. So I ask You to bless Caroline's growth and make her strong and healthy. Watch over her and cause the development to go just the way it should. Thank you for Caroline. In Jesus name, amen. 

With God all things are possible.  - Matthew 19:26



  1. Such a sweet prayer.Happy thoughts for your ultrasound next week.

  2. 16lbs is SO great for being 22 weeks -- nice work lady! You look great and so so so happy!! I know Caroline is just fine in there, but man... I sure hope your insurance is paying for the added ultrasound. We had to have an extra one and it cost us $750 out of pocket (ugh!) because our insurance only covered 3 ultrasounds in total (we had 4).

  3. You are looking wonderful, Christina! :) Cannot wait to see the nursery. Happy for you guys! Not too much longer now.

  4. You look great! And what a sweet prayer for Caroline! Happy New Year and good luck at the ultrasound next week!

  5. of course she's a happy baby - she has you for a mommy!!! cutest preggo mama ever! had such a great time with you and Matt last night! thanks so much for including us! xo

  6. you look great! i am sure it'll be a great year. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. Prayers for your ultrasound! I am sure everything will be fine! My daughter was small too. She was 6 pounds 6 oz and she was 3 days past her due date but she is now in the 90th percentile for weight! ;) Try not to worry!

  8. Everything will be fine :) Some babys are just petite (my little girls was on the petite side). Hoping your ultrasound goes well and eases your mind !!

  9. What a beautiful prayer! Sending lots of wonderful stress free vibes your way and having faith that the ultrasound will reveal wonderful news about baby Caroline!

  10. So cute! I'm 22 weeks on Sunday, so we're very close! Glad you're feeling good!

  11. Glad you are feeling good! Will keep y'all in my prayers for next weeks ultra sound!

  12. Happy New Year! I was older, of course, when I was pregnant so I had lots of test. My son always measured small, too. Each time, we went..he would fall into a lower percentile. He's still a petite child, but was quite healthy. They ended up inducing me at 37 weeks, and he was perfectly fine.


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