Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 25 Bumpdate

How far along: 25 weeks!

Baby Size: An eggplant {9 inches, 1.7 pounds}!

Weight gain: Up 1.5 after lots of yummy babymoon meals, so 18.5 pounds total. 

Maternity clothes: Oh yes.

Stretch marks: I think I see a very faint sign of these unfortunately. I'm still smearing all my creams on each night in hopes to avoid them but we'll see...

Sleep: I definitely missed my Bump Nest during our babymoon but am still sleeping great.
Gender: GIRL! And just because I can't resist I have to show off the cutest little onesies Laura surprised Caroline with...
Movement: Yes, especially about an hour after I eat and right when I lay down at night.

Best moment this week: Definitely our babymoon weekend in Charleston.
Looking forward to: More nursery progress this weekend.

Food cravings: French fries.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing.
Labor Signs: Nope.
What I miss: I definitely miss being able to tie my shoes with no effort.
Symptoms: Growing belly!

Nursery: Our stenciled wall is complete and our crib is assembled! I promise to take lots of pictures and post soon!
Belly Button in or out? In, but it's starting to get more shallow.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood: A little anxious about all of the stuff left to do, but also happy and thankful!

Workouts: 2 elliptical workouts and 1 cardio funk class.

Prayer for Caroline: 
Dear Lord, I pray for Caroline's little hands and fingerprints that are forming this week. Help her to use her hands for good and never harm and to be kind and gentle. Help her to use whatever talents You give her to be a blessing to others and to You. 
"The Lord your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands" - Deuteronomy 2:7



  1. So cute! I was wondering where you get your maternity pants (jeans) from? I live in the Charlotte area too and am just now getting where I need maternity pants. I don't want to spend a ton, but want them to fit good (I am also short.. which makes it harder!). Any suggestions would be great! :) Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Alicia,

      I purchased all my jeans from Destination Maternity. They have a great selection in the back of the store (inexpensive section) with lots of petite options. I really like their Jessica Simpson jeans and it's great that I don't have to pay the extra money to have everything altered!

  2. ahhh those whales! i'm still obsessed! looking great, friend! xoxo

  3. You look adorable!! Glad to hear you're feeling good and those little onesies are too cute!

  4. Oh my gosh those onesies are just too cute!! You look fantastic!

  5. So funny that you mentioned tying shoes, because I gave up altogether on wearing shoes with ties around 30 weeks! When I wanted to go for walks I just wore slip-ons unless my husband / mom / sister was there to help with tying!

  6. Love the onesies & I can't wait to see the nursery progress!!

  7. You look amazing! Seriously, fantastic! and those onesies are too freaking cute!

  8. I.JUST.CAN'T.

    Cannot handle this cuteness. You are precious!!!

  9. Those onesies are so cute!! And you look great!

  10. omg those whale onesies are ADORABLE! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  11. Um, I still can't get over how great you look! You know how you have that baggy area in your jeans where your butt goes into your thigh? Yeah, that baggy area on YOU was as tight as could be and stretched to the max on me. Haha!! Sure wish I had just carried in my belly like you :)

  12. I saw those adorable little onesies at Target over the weekend, so cute! Can't wait to see nursery pics, I need to get started on ours!! You're looking great!

  13. You are seriously too cute! You are rocking that bump!

  14. Oh my goodness!! You are the cutest pregnant Mama that I've seen!

  15. Oh, those little onsies are precious!!! Isn't it just SO fun to day dream about when your sweet Caroline will be wearing them and you'll be snuggling her. Oh, so sweet!

  16. Those onsie's are sooo stinkin' cute!!!!

  17. How cute are you! You have such a round, adorable belly. I'm about 5 weeks behind you, and I'm still in that awkward beer gut stage, that's not cute at all. I can't wait until I look like I'm actually pregnant, and not just packing on the pounds haha. Can't wait to see Caroline's nursery!

  18. You are beautiful! Look at that sweet belly. Those onesies are just too precious!

  19. Looking gorgeous mama, and I just love the outfits.
    Please can you send me your postal address x

  20. So pretty! You're probably already familiar with it, but if you aren't, definitely check out Janie and Jack (I work there!)--they have such precious baby and kids clothes! Matilda Jane does too! :)

  21. I must be exactly a week behind you! I hit 24 weeks yesterday. You look great! I'm also having a little girl - 3rd baby, 1st girl - so I'm really excited!

  22. Hi friend!! I am new to the link up and I have enjoyed it so much the last two fridays... thanks for hosting! I am also glad to be a new follower. Hope you will come visit and follow us as well... You have such an adorable baby bump! Such as exciting time in your life and I am praying God's blessings to be sent your way :) :) :)


  23. you look adorable and don't think otherwise! I've been loving following along with your nursery pics...that stencil I die over! When our time comes, I may need to steal it but since I'm all the way in ohio that's ok right?! ;) I need details! love it all so much! xoxo

  24. That blue is so your color, pretty girl!! Glad to hear things are still going so well and you're feeling good. :)

  25. I love love love your prayer for Caroline each week! Such a special thing to include!

  26. You are seriously the most beautiful person ever !! Those little onesies are so stinkin cute !!


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