Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 30 Bumpdate

  How far along: 30 weeks...only 10 weeks (or less) to go!

Baby Size: A butternut squash (17 inches, 3.1 pounds).

Weight gain: 23 pounds.

Maternity clothes: Finally able to wear the dress (in my bump picture) my mom bought me over Thanksgiving from GAP maternity. Love the springy color! Glad I have this in two colors!

Stretch marks: Recently changed up my oil routine and believe I've avoided any stretching, but we'll see after birth.

Sleep:  Much better this week actually!
Gender: Girl!

Movement: All.The.Time!

Best moment this week: Nesting and spending time with friends.
Looking forward to: Our doctor's appointment this afternoon for our routine check up, decorating for spring, cadbury eggs and Charlie's birthday this weekend!

Food cravings: French fries and orange juice (with lots of pulp).
  Anything making you queasy or sick: No.
Labor Signs: Still no.
What I miss: Getting around easier!
Symptoms: Back pain...and lots of it. I've been confined to a heating pad and resting on the couch every day after work recently. And if I'm on my feet for more than an hour running around my upper back will basically go out on me until I lay down. I knew back pain was coming...but this is no joke.

Nursery: Our rug arrived and I absolutely love the way it looks in the nursery. We also picked up Caroline's refinished dresser! A detailed nursery post to come!

Belly Button in or out? About halfway in still, but becoming very sensitive.

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Mood: Tired but excited for these last 10 weeks to fly by.

Workouts: 3 trips to the gym, once for cardio funk. I am loving this new 10 minute (pregnancy safe) arm workout routine I found to get my arms in shape for holding the baby! Hopefully I'll stick to this a few times a week since my arms could definitely use some help before tank top season!
Prayer for Caroline: 
  Dear Lord, I praise you for this home stretch in my pregnancy. Help me apply Hebrews 12:1 where it says "let us run with patience the race that is set before us" as I endure various pregnancy discomforts because I know that it will all be worth it when I hold Caroline in my arms. Please continue to help my baby grow strong in every way, and continue to help me take the time to be healthy and exercise. In Jesus' name. Amen.
For I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am in. - Philippians 4:11
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  1. I bet you are so ready for bright spring dresses to help you get through the last weeks of pregnancy! You're looking great! I also just wanted to say I love how you include a prayer for your daughter every week, it is so encouraging so see and you have encouraged me to be more active in my prayer life for my own future blessings. Thanks for sharing and happy Tuesday!

  2. I'm a broken record I know, but you're such a cute pregnant lady!!! I'm sure you're starting to be uncomfortable but you look like you are walking on clouds still! Oh how I loved the nesting instinct too, it was such a fun phase!!! Happy 30 weeks!! xx

  3. Adorable!! Hope the last 10 weeks fly by for you :)

  4. That dress looks so pretty on you! Perfect for spring! Excited to see the rug you picked out!

  5. You are such an adorable pregnant lady! You are glowing! I found you through the link-up! I hope you are feeling well through these last few weeks of your pregnancy! God Bless you and your baby Caroline! xo

  6. YES! I knew we were friends for a reason. 2 words: Cadbury eggs. xo!

  7. 10 more weeks...or more! Just be prepared, Caroline make cook longer :). You look so darn cute!

  8. Cute cute! Looking great girl! I'm on the lookout for a cute maternity dress or two for my showers, love the bright springy color of yours. Hope I can find something fun and cheerful like that!

  9. Praying for you sweet girl!! Spent the past day rereading all of your posts and am so excited for your little spring bundle of joy! Plus that dress looks fabulous on you!!

  10. You look SO great. I love that dress and cannot wait to see the rug in the nursery!!! 10 weeks...wow! Happiness :) Xx.

  11. Love that pretty dress! Great bump style Christina! :)

  12. I love that dress and the color is stunning on you! I hope you stay lucky and avoid the stretch marks too... I was clear up till 35 weeks and then got a few tiny ones :(

  13. You look beautiful!! That is going to be one blessed baby :) :)

  14. You look so cute, Christina!

    And I feel you on the back pain. It was really the worst part about pregnancy to me. If you go back and look at my weekly updates, I think it got mentioned from 20 weeks on. I still dread being pregnant again because of it. BUT....with all that said, it's so worth it! I hope heating pads help relieve your pain! I also found that swimming or just being in a pool helped tremendously!!

  15. So adorable! Love all the pictures lined up, it's crazy how fast those little ones grow!

  16. You are so adorable in your springy dress! Can't wait to see more of her gorgy nursery!

  17. Such a babe!! Love the dress and I spy skinny legs! Dying to see what rug you picked... I almost used one of the pink ones, I think it was #3 for my office! Enjoy these next few weeks... it's gonna fly by, but soak it up!

  18. YAY can't wait to see what rug you selected :) Love all the outfits soo freakin cute :)

  19. I'm loving your bumpdates! And your baby bump is seriously just so cute. I love that dress!!


  20. I hope your back feels better! You should treat yourself to a massage if you can!

  21. That dress looks just darling on you! Your little butternut squash is growing like crazy!


  22. eeee! I can't believe how big she is getting! She is almost here!

  23. awe! it's been a while since Ive been on here….you look too cute! You are glowing!

  24. How is it that you are 30 weeks already??? You look beautiful!


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