Monday, August 11, 2014

Caroline Grace {3 Months}

Happy 3 months my sweet Caroline Grace,

I am so thankful to have spent most of this month at home with you. Returning to work has been difficult but we make the most of our mornings, evenings and weekends together. Your personality shines brightly these days and everyone you meet falls in love with you. You are such a happy, smiley baby, especially in the mornings and during bath time, and your little grins melt me to pieces. You win my heart more and more each day and you are such a blessing to us. I love you, little one.


Three Month Highlights:
  • You hit 10 lbs this month!
  • I was in denial for probably a couple weeks too long, but we finally graduated you to size 1 diapers as well as 0-3 month clothes. It was a hard transition for me but your cute wardrobe has helped me cope.
  • 98% of the time people comment about how much you look like your daddy. We still don't see it but apparently everyone else does!
  • You are still eating 4 ounces per feeding (every 3 hours or so) and you go back and forth between breast milk and formula equally. Mom is pumping at work 3 times a day now to keep you fed and has even seen a little increase in my milk supply (yay!).
  • You took your second beach trip this month - Bald Head Island.
  • You met your great grandparents.
  • At bath time you get really playful and vigorously stomp the side of your bath tub.
  • You are super smiley, especially during the mornings when you are happiest.
  • You hate your car seat, especially when you're not in the car. You prefer to be out and about and especially love to be worn facing out. 
  • You love to suck on your fist, have become uninterested in pacifiers (even the wub) and really enjoy your time playing on your activity mat.
  • Your grip is so strong and you now help hold your bottle, books and toys.
  • You despise wet diapers, even before the line turns blue you let us know you are ready to be changed.
  • You have found your voice and babble all day long now.




  1. She's so sweet! I can't believe she's 3 months! Time goes by too fast when you have kids.

  2. So adorable! Your posts always get me so excited for our baby girl :) Thank you for sharing!!

  3. She definitely looks like your husband in the picture of her sitting on your lap! She is beautiful and you look great!

  4. She is so beautiful!! The car seat thing gets better, but it took us until 6 months!! Ughh that was the worst. Hope you are doing well back to work and she looks like she's adjusting smoothly!! xoxo

  5. I can't believe she's already 3 months old!! She's getting cuter and cuter everyday!

  6. She is so precious!! And growing so fast!

  7. She's so precious!! Where did you get her cute headband?

  8. What a big month for you and her!! She is absolutely precious! I really hope the transition to working mom is going well - you seem to make the most of all the positives!

  9. Motherhood looks good on you! You are radiating happiness! Caroline is simply adorable but where did those 3 months go? I feel like I just read that you had her!

  10. Caroline is so adorable! Going back to work is no fun! You are doing an awesome job - and yay for increase in milk supply!! :)

  11. I cannot believe Caroline is already 3 months old! She is growing so fast! She's beautiful though & sounds like such a doll baby!!

  12. So sweet! Happy 3 months, Caroline:)

  13. Ahhh she is just adorable!! I cant even handle the cuteness!

  14. Oh Caroline, how beautiful are you?! I'm still in the camp that thinks she looks like Matt, but she has your coloring all the way. What a lucky girl! I can't wait to hear her sweet babbling!

  15. She is SO scrummy!!! I see more of her hubby in her too, but she's just so girly and pretty, which she obviously gets from her mama, so she's got all bases covered!!!! xx

  16. aww she is adorable!!!! happy 3 months! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  17. She is beautiful!

    (If responding, please email or comment a blog post of mine.)

  18. She is so stinkin cute!!! And yay for increased milk supply! Hope going back to work hasn't been too awful...

  19. I must be in the minority, I think she looks more like you, at least in photographs. She's really adorable.

  20. What a precious little bub - I love reading these updates and I am amazed at how different little babies are x

  21. She's precious! Love reading your updates :)!

  22. Adorable! It's flying by, isn't it?!?

  23. She is so precious! What a darling little girl you have.

  24. She is so adorable! I have a question for you about moms on call. Did you like it? Would you recommend it? Did you research any other methods? I have a 3.5 week old and I am trying to figure out what to do for sleep training

  25. I love reading your blog! I have referenced it much during my pregnancy! Please keep us updated on how it is with the return to work. That is one of the things I am most nervous about. Also, where is your couch from?!

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