Thursday, July 9, 2015

9 Month Bumpdate {Thomas Dean}

We are officially in the home stretch of our 2nd annual pregnancy!
Bump at 38 weeks
It's pretty wild to think we'll be bringing our baby boy home so soon. In fact, we'll probably be in labor by the weekend, so please send your prayers! I had a check up yesterday and learned I am 3 cm dilated, 50% effaced. My doctor is on call all weekend so I'm going to see him on Friday morning for a little membrane stripping fun and hopefully be making our way to the hospital shortly thereafter!

Thank goodness last weekend we finally crawled into the attic and got down the Boppy lounger, Rock n' Play Sleeper and boxes of other newborn things. We also packed my hospital bag (using my list from last time), purchased an additional convertible car seat for Caroline, set up the pack n' play next to our bed for a diaper changing station, sterilized bottles and pacifiers, assembled the swing, prepared the guest room for our parents and accomplished lots of other random tasks.


The final update:
  • Sleep: Hit or miss. The last few weeks I've been up coughing all night with Bronchitis, but thankfully Robitussin and a z-pak has helped get me through stretches of sleep. 
  • Movement: Movement is constant and feels so different from my pregnancy with Caroline. My belly is SO hard, round, full and every movement completely transforms the shape of my belly. I swear it feels like I'm carrying a 12 lb baby. I've also had so many strangers look at me and say "oh! definitely a boy!" Apparently huge basketball bellies are obvious giveaways.
  • Cravings: The usual - orange juice, watermelon, cookies, ice cream, pickles, turkey sandwiches, cereal and ice.
  • Labor Signs: Yep.Thomas has dropped, is head down, I'm experiencing loads of pressure and I've had a few contractions each night at bedtime. I can't even begin to describe how dang excited I am about LABOR although my biggest fear is Thomas coming too quickly and missing my epidural window. I had such an amazing labor last time and hope that this time is exactly the same. Pushing a baby out of my body was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and I am counting down the DAYS to do it again! (Caroline's birth story here).
  • Symptoms: Again, so different this pregnancy! I am not nearly in as much pain and discomfort as I was with Caroline. I vividly remember being confined to the couch by 35 weeks with multiple heating pads and a belly support belt, crying and complaining about the terrible shooting pains up my back, down my legs and across my ribs. This pregnancy, despite crawling around the kitchen floor several times a day cleaning up the aftermath of Caroline's meals, bending over the tub at bath time and carrying around an 18 pound toddler, I am grateful to have very tolerable (lightening, round ligament and lower back) fleeting pains.
  • Best Moments: 90 minute prenatal massage,all of our June fun and celebrating Matt's birthday.
  • Looking forward to: A spa pedicure at the Ritz...and going into labor.
  • Weight: Up 25 lbs. 
9 Months Pregnant with Caroline: 36 weeks // 37 weeks // 38 weeks // 39 weeks // 40 weeks




  1. You look awesome!! Congratulations on being in the home stretch :)

  2. So cute… our due date has come and gone (was July 4th) for baby number two so we are anxiously waiting as well!!! I have a dr appointment Friday as well and may be participating in the same fun… lol… so maybe the babies will be very close together!

  3. You look amazing!! Sending lots of love to you welcoming your little man and becoming a family of 4!!

  4. I've had the same belly experience with our son. He was actually born on the 1st! Crazy! My pregnancy, labor and delivery were all so different this time around. I wish you the best!

  5. Haha I like how you call it your 2nd annual pregnancy =) I just had my daughter a month ago and hope to have my babies as close together as you!

  6. I felt the exact same way about the pushing the baby out experience. I wish I could relive it again. Obviously I had an epidural too, after a long two days of being induced. But wouldn't change a thing. Excited for your little family, can't wait to see pics!

  7. I love the "2nd annual pregnancy" comment - don't they say good times come in threes? JK! good luck with weekend mama!

  8. You look amazing momma!! It is amazing how much more relaxed & kicked back people are with the 2nd pregnancy! I guess bc with the first there's so many unknowns!? & we want everything to be "perfect". That is so exciting that you're already dilated & are thinking he'll be here by the weekend - will definitely be on baby watch!!!

  9. You look great girl!! (and bless you for rockin' it in this heat!) Sending prayers your way! xoxo

  10. You look absolutely amazing! Good luck!

  11. You're almost there!! Good luck this weekend and we can't wait to virtually meet baby Thomas!

  12. Baby Thomas will be here so soon! So thrilled for you guys!!! Having also experienced the girl v boy pregnancy, I can definitely say that Caleb was much more basketball like than Vivian - my weight was more evenly distributed with her!

  13. yay girl yay! this is happening! can't wait for you to introduce your little man to us! ps. you look just gorgeous!

  14. You are one gorgeous, momma! Congratulations on your little man making his appearance this weekend! Xo, Stephanie

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