Tuesday, September 1, 2015

In August...


Went to Food Truck Friday with friends! Just one more reason why I love the Queen City! Each week (year-round) a bunch of gourmet food trucks gather together to offer delicious food from some of Charlotte's best chefs!
Had two well check ups for our babies! Very, very thankful for healthy report cards. And when Caroline grows up she says she wants to be a doctor.

Playdates - duh!
Ate tons of popsicles. We're obsessed with the mini slow melt popsicles!
Soaked in maternity leave with lots and lots of snuggles.
Matt and I had our first date night! We attended The Jim Gaffigan Show with some of our friends at an outdoor amphitheater. It torrentially downpoured on us for the first two hours and thunder and lightning ended up delaying the show while we huddled under a blanket in soaking wet grass. However, once the rain let up a bit it was a really funny show.
I started back at Mommy Power Hour with Thomas and it's been kicking my booty!
We spent a day in Winston. Matt's parents took the babies while we floated around the lazy river for hours. Caroline and Thomas met us up at the pool for a little bit too. It was the perfect day date.
And that's a wrap on August!



  1. What a fun/ full month!! Loving all of the pictures!

  2. That picture of Caroline and your husband at the doctor… I die! So precious!!!

  3. Ahh such a fun month! So glad I stumbled across your blog. We live outside of Greensboro so it's so neat to find a blogger who I can relate to when it comes to places (:

  4. What a fun month!! I miss Charlotte so much. Caroline is ADORABLE!!! Where do you get her clothes? Little Louise is 3 months, and I am already stocking up on outfits for next summer!! (Thomas is pretty darn cute, too!) :) xo

  5. You guys look like you have SO much fun! I wish we had more stuff to do like that around here! Maybe we just need tom move down South! Haha

  6. What an awesome full month you had! Here's to many more!

  7. Looks like y'all had an amazing month!! I love Jim Gaffigan - I bet his show was hysterical! Caroline looks too cute in her little tube at the pool!

  8. Looks like a months jam packed with friends, fun, and sunshine!

  9. What an amazing month!! Your little family is just darling, as usual. That picture of the two babies in the crib together... I DIE! I have a picture of our two like that from last year and it brought back sweet, sweet memories :o)

  10. Looks like a super fun-filled month! Way to take advantage of maternity leave and get in so many fun things! I'm totally jealous of urban areas with fun things like food trucks. Downside of living in the sticks.... sigh.

  11. A great month for you my friend - and the most gorgeous little babes! And you are looking gorgeous hot momma x

  12. Food truck festivals are so fun and the food is always so delicious! I love that one picture where you are showing off your amazing multitasking skills feeding both littles at the same time!

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  14. That face in the second picture!! BEST EVER!!!!!!!! I can't believe how many adventures you all had!! Thomas looks a lot like Caroline did when she was a baby, doesn't he?? I love the picture of Caroline reaching for the wine - too funny!!!

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