Monday, September 28, 2015

Wrap it Up: Easy {Freezable} Breakfast Burritos

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. It also happens to be the meal I have the least time for so I usually try and keep it simple or prep it on the weekend for the entire week. For years I've started my morning with an egg sandwich (you can find that throwback post here) but recently I've switched things up and started making breakfast wraps. They are healthy, delicious and I can make them in large batches and freeze. However, I usually just make enough for the week for Matt and me to both eat. I've found that if I don't make something easy Matt can grab from the fridge on his way out the door he will skip breakfast or worse, he'll swing through the drive through on his way in.
The wraps are great because the possibilities are endless so I can get as creative as I want each week. My go to breakfast wrap is the sausage, egg & cheese wrap though. It's also Matt's favorite. So here's how I keep our breakfast to 30 seconds of prep each morning...

Easy {Freezable} Breakfast Wraps

1 dozen eggs
1/4 cup milk
1/2 pound sausage
1 1/2 tablespoons butter
1 1/2 cups sharp cheddar cheese
10 Tortillas
salt & pepper
wax paper

1. Place your eggs in a large mixing bowl and scramble. Add in your milk (or cream) while the eggs are mixing.

2. In a large skillet, cook tortillas over medium heat. You are only going to cook them for about 10 seconds.
3. Using your large skillet, cook the sausage. Set aside.

4. In that same large skillet, add way more butter than you think you'll need. Pour your eggs into the pan and keep stirring using a spatula until fluffy and cooked. Set aside.

5. Organize your ingredients in to a little assembly line. 

6. Assemble each wrap by starting with the tortilla, adding the eggs, sausage and cheese. Then fold up the wrap by tucking in both ends and rolling up. Wrap in wax paper.

7. Store wraps in a Ziploc bag and place in fridge to eat within a week OR freeze them for later. If freezing, place each wrap on a baking sheet lined with wax paper and flash freeze in the freezer for at least 30 minutes. Store the wraps in a plastic freezer bag that has been labeled with the date.

8. When ready to eat, microwave your thawed wrap for about 30 seconds at 50% power. From frozen, you will need to microwave for 3 minutes at 50% power.

My favorite tips for fluffy scrambled egg:
  • Use a stand mixer and don't stop mixing until you pour your eggs in the skillet.
  • Add a little milk or cream while the eggs are mixing.
  • Cook over low heat.
  • Don't stop stirring once the eggs hit the pan.
  • Use a spatula and not a whisk.
  • Add way more butter than you think you need.
Since we've been trying to cut carbs when we can I splurged a little to buy low carb wraps.
One of my girlfriends recently introduced me to Neese's Country Sausage and while I'm not a huge sausage person I've found this locally made sausage pretty tasty. Charlotteans, you can find it at Harris Teeter and a variety of other places. All others can order it online and have it shipped to your home! Not a sponsored post, just too dang delicious not to spread the word!
You can get as creative as you want with these. Try adding in bell peppers, spinach, black beans, salsa, different types of cheese or meats, etc.!
Prefer your eggs between slices of bread? Check out my recipe for Easy (Freezable} Breakfast Sandwiches.



  1. I never thought to try something like this but my husband would be a HUGE fan! Picking up the ingredients and I'll try it today. Thanks!!

  2. yum!! I've never used a stand mixer for scrambled eggs- maybe that's why mine are never that good!!

    1. Yes! I use the mixer when I'm dealing with a large quantity of eggs! Saves more time than doing it by hand and mixes it so much better (while I'm cooking up the other ingredients!).

  3. These look so good!! I am definitely trying them because Chad will just skip breakfast altogether!

  4. We're all about easy in the morning or breakfast doesn't get eaten. And breakfast tacos - one of our favorites!! This is perfect!

  5. Such a great idea!! Perfect for on the go or for just snacks. Have you tried feeding these to Caroline? Does she like them? Maybe a good snack for her.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  6. GREAT idea! Thanks for the tips!

  7. Good to know that Neese's is good stuff! I've seen it it in our grocery store in Greenville, but never purchased it. Saving this recipe for breakfasts next week!

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  9. These look great! I make little breakfast muffins a lot (with eggs, sausage, and spinach), but I like the idea of adding a wrap. Putting it on my list. Thanks!

  10. Sorry, this might seem like a silly questions...or I skipped over it when reading...what size tortillas are you using?

    1. I use the burrito size most of the time, but you can use whatever size you want! I make some in fajita size for Caroline!

  11. I LOVE when I have a freezer stash of grab and go breakfast things on hand! I make the sweet potato, black bean and egg ones from and get so excited when I get to work and pop it in the microwave- it feels like a treat!

  12. Flash freezing? Never heard of that... Are the burritos already wrapped in their wax paper when you do this - or are they still "naked"?

  13. I love making breakfasts like this ahead of time!

  14. Sadly I call a coffee and an apple my breakfast every morning. I wish I devoted more time to it but I value sleep way more!

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  16. You should try Jones Sausage. It's best one I've found on the market. no sugar or high fructose corn syrup or any sugars ending in "ose".


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