Monday, June 8, 2015

8 Month Bumpdate {Thomas Dean}

{bump at 33 weeks pregnant}

Hello month 8! It's been a crazy few weeks but we are trucking along nicely (and quickly) at 34 weeks pregnant! I am so grateful to feel pretty good still despite all of the aches, pains and not so lovely pregnancy symptoms that accompany the 30's. I said it last pregnancy and I still firmly believe the 20's are the very best (and my most favorite) weeks to be pregnant! Once I hit third trimester it just seems to get a little more uncomfortable and exhausting each week. You can find me complaining most when I'm unloading the bottom rack of the dishwasher (thankfully Caroline helps with the silverware basket these days), getting in and out of bed, lacing up tennis shoes and bathing Caroline (not often, daddy mostly does this). Outside of that, my pains haven't been nearly as terrible as last pregnancy when I was basically confined to a heating pad all day. So yes, very thankful too! Maybe my body is used to it by now or I just don't have the time to notice.

With less than 6 weeks to go (I'm convinced he's coming a week earl), Matt and I sat down and put 4 rounds of golf on the calendar for him and a hair cut, pedicure and prenatal massage for me! It's incredible how different this pregnancy has been compared to the last - no monthly prenatal massages, or regular pedicures or fancy dinners out. Nope. Those things are now very rare luxuries as we enjoy our weekends most when we are all together as a family! Anyway, first time moms, soak in that freedom (and the extra spending cash) before baby!

A little nursery update - Thomas's crib arrived (finally) and Matt and his dad assembled it. I held my breath and crossed my fingers that it would fit on that back wall and thankfully it did, with a few extra inches to spare! Hallelujah! Another second time mom story...I spent less money on the bed skirt, mattress, mattress cover and bumper combined than I did on Caroline's sheets alone. For baby #2 I haven't been shy about shopping consignment sales and accepting hand-me-downs. The only thing left to do in here is replace the dresser with something a little larger since Caroline has monopolized all 5 drawers and have a matching print made for Thomas to go over his crib.

Hoping two babies in one room works out. Caroline is clearly thrilled about her upcoming slumber parties...

Other pregnancy updates:
  • Sleep: For the most part I am sleeping okay in between lots of bathroom trips. I honestly don't know how I would sleep without my Bump Nest though.
  • Movement: Oh yes. Thomas is currently breech. Actually, he is flat out horizontal which makes for super awkward movement and positioning in my belly. If he doesn't turn by my next appointment my doctor says he will want to see us every week instead of two. Caroline turned at 31 weeks but Thomas already feels so much bigger so I'm hoping he flips soon so I can stop worrying.
  • Cravings: Popsicles, orange juice, watermelon, broccoli, pickles, hash brown potatoes, Mexican, fruit snacks, cookies and candy.
  • Symptoms: Foot cramps, heartburn, colostrum, lower back pains, exhaustion, etc.
  • Best Moments:  Our Folly Beach family vacation and Wells Fargo Golf Tournament!
  • Weight: Up 20 lbs.

8 Months Pregnant with Caroline: 31 weeks // 32 weeks // 33 weeks // 34 weeks // 35 weeks

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