Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Thomas Dean {8 Months}

We officially have two very mobile tots on our hands. Life has never been more stressful and more fun at the same time!
And just when I thought Caroline and Thomas couldn't possibly love each other any more...
And a few of my favorite videos this month:
 And some of my favorite daycare pictures this month:
Eight Month Highlights:
  • 16.5 pounds
  • Recovering from first stomach bug
  • Treating his third double ear infection 
  • Size 3 diapers and 9 months clothing
  • At the beginning of the month we found Thomas sitting up in his crib. It totally surprised us. And then for the next few weeks he would wake up, sit himself up and cry for us until we'd come in and lay him back down. Thankfully that was short lived and he's now moved on to...
  • CRAWLING everywhere! If we walk out of a room he's in he will chase after us. He is unstoppable. He really loves the Bella Tunno Happy Knees so he can move quickly across the hardwoods too!
  • Obsessed with clapping and bopping his head back and forth. It is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen.
  • Loves music. 
  • Taking 4 bottles a day. Sometimes he'll drink them all and sometimes he boycotts them. He definitely prefers food. He also loves his sippy cups and drinks from them so well! This took his sister months to master but he picked it up so quickly from watching her.
  • Speaking of food, he is eating the full school menu now. He loves everything from spaghetti to tacos. But will seriously crush some eggs and mandarin oranges.
  • Loves bath time with sissy.
  • Loves Charlie the most out of all of us.
  • Taking MAM pacis for naps and bedtime.
  • Has the driest skin and the cold weather makes his cheeks so chapped!
  • Lost one contact this month and we tweaked his prescription so he has new lenses now and can see better. His eyes are crossing so much less with the new power.  



  1. Such a precious little boy! I love love love the picture of Caroline pushing him in the stroller! My oldest daughter and son are 19 months apart and they're the very best of friends. Happy 8 months little man!

  2. We put a rolled up beach towel under the head of the crib mattress to give it a slight incline (like <10%) after our first started getting ear infections, then did it again when our second got her first (double) ear infection. The beach towel has stayed, and no more ear infections. I'm not sure if the incline helps drain, or just dumb luck (probably!), but thought I would throw it out there. The babies are adorable!! Sibling love is the best!

  3. They are so adorable together! Thomas just gets cuter every month! 😃 Also, I love that you list the things he is loving; so useful for future reference!

  4. Seeing the two of them together makes my ovaries hurt! They just might have brought back my baby fever :) I love the picture of Thomas in the chefs hat!! And yayy for only one lost contact!

  5. He is so so cute and their relationship so sweet.

  6. 8 months already! And I love the little knee pads!

  7. I love how he squints his eyes shut when he's smiling big... he looks just like you when he does that! So sweet!

  8. That stroller picture is adorable!

  9. I seriously cannot handle the brother sissy cuteness!!!!! xx

  10. Oh, good gracious sakes. Those pictures are the sweetest! I don't know know how you could have a favorite! Sounds like he is doing so well - and eating everything, wow! It makes me feel like we're behind in the food game. haha. He's such a little sweetie, love reading his updates :)

  11. omg he is soooooo sweet!
    ps-lov that you fit in the crib with them! haha
    hope you're feeling better!

  12. Happy 8 months to your sweet boy! They are quite the little pair. Love it.

  13. The easter outfits are my favorite <3 Too cute!

  14. These are seriously the sweetest pictures and makes me super excited to give my daughter a baby brother.

  15. Those pictures just melted my heart! What sweet little love bugs!!

  16. These cuties are not helping my baby fever, lol!


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