Monday, July 18, 2016

Toddler Talk

Cataloging a few funny things heard around our house lately...
While recapping how she got her shiner...
Mommy: What happened to your eye at school?
Caroline: I bumped my head in the wall.
Mommy: Does it hurt?
Caroline: Yeaaaaaaahhh.
Mommy: Do you need me to kiss your boo boo?
Caroline: No, I need a bitamin.
Running to find me in the kitchen...
Caroline: Mooooooooommmyyyyyy!!!
Mommy: Yes?
Caroline: Thomas naughty in bafroom.
Thomas: (giggling and shredding a roll of toilet paper)

After stealing my chapstick out of my purse...
Mommy: NO! We do NOT color the floor with mommy's chapstick!
Caroline: (starts rubbing chapstick on lips instead)
Mommy: Please go put that back in mommy's purse.
Caroline: (turns and walks towards purse...drags chapstick along the wall on the way)

While helping me pour brownie mix into the mixer...
Caroline: Ew. Mommy. Dirt! 

Mommy: Can you color a thank you card?
Caroline: YES!
Left unattended for 5 minutes with markers...
After letting the kiddos stay up late to open Thomas' last birthday present - a firetruck.
Caroline: Oh! Caroline's!
Thomas: (excitedly reaching for firetruck fresh out of the package)
Caroline: NO! Mommy! Thomas go night night!!!

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  1. Haha they sound liek a handful, but so so cute!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  2. LOL Caroline's a feisty one! I love that vitamins fix everything for her. ;)

  3. oh my goodness, I cry for your couch! too too funny, though.

  4. Caroline is TOO funny!! Sounds like those two are a lot of fun!

  5. Awww! How funny(although not for your poor couch)!

  6. Oh no that couch!!! It's a good thing she's so cute!! :)

  7. Caroline cracks me up. She's such a doll

  8. So brings back memories! My oldest son found a black crayon while in his car seat...colored all over the ceiling and the door of my two day old car!! And my daughter and one of her friends used burts bees once to wax down the hallway so they could "ice skate". Hard not to laugh....we will have nice things again someday right?!!


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