Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmassy Things

After several days in bed I was anxious to get out with the kiddies over the weekend. We needed a low key activity that wouldn't involve me lifting or chasing the minis around but would still wear them out, so I invited four other families to join us for a morning of Christmassy things Uptown.
I love how festive Uptown gets around the holidays. On our way to meet up with our friends we stopped to admire several ginormous Christmas trees
Our first activity of the morning was to see the Leonard Bearstein Symphony Orchestra aka 18 singing bears. Caroline was hesitant at first and it took her a bit to warm up to the fuzzy singing animals. However, Thomas had absolutely no fear and couldn't have had more fun dancing, clapping and running around to all the songs.
After the show we walked across the street to experience the colorful (and edible) Winter Wonderland at The Ritz-Carlton. 
I am still undecided on which was more impressive -- the life size gingerbread house or the 12-foot tall Christmas tree made of 8,000 hand-crafted French macarons. 
Our last stop of the day was for lunch at Vida. It was definitely chaos with tons of squirmy toddlers but delicious. It was such a fun day of Christmas activities with friends and the kids crashed hard when we returned home which gave us some recovery time too.



  1. O. M. G. so much cuteness! That tree is huge (and I can only think of what Buddy the Elf would say).

  2. Oh look at all that beautiful Christmas! I love it!

  3. This looks like such a great day!! The kiddos must have had the best time ever :)

  4. We do this same holiday tradition and it's the BEST. So festive. Isn't the macaron tree heavenly?!

  5. So fun! Love all the Christmas displays and festivities!

  6. Glad you're feeling better. I can't get over the macaroon Christmas tree!!

  7. Good to know that you are fine now. Sweet and lovely pictures. Just loved the little one. Really cute.

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