Thursday, December 15, 2016

SANTAAAA || 2016

Earlier this week Santa made a quick trip down from the North Pole to visit my office. I love that my firm hosts him each year -- no line, not germy, free professional photos and I happen to know Santa. So Matt and I scooped the kids up a bit early from daycare to visit Santa. I cannot even describe how anticipated this visit was for Caroline. For days she's been talking about seeing Santa at mommy's office and discussing her Christmas list.
The first 8 seconds (as documented by video above!) went exactly how I had hoped. Caroline was thrilled to see the jolly bearded man. And of course, Thomas wasted no time crawling right into Santa's lap (for the second year in a row!), petting his beard and rubbing the fur on his coat in utter amazement. However, Caroline was NOT having it and immediately fled the scene and hid between Matt's legs for the remainder of the 2 minute visit...
Trying to coax Caroline over to Santa's lap..."See! He's so nice!" Meanwhile, Thomas was ready to get down to business with his list.
After awhile Matt was able to inch near Santa for a few traumatic seconds for a family picture.
I've never seen Caroline cling to her daddy tighter. This girl was terrrr-iiii-fiiiiied.
But worry not! Just as we were walking away (through sobs) Caroline asked Santa for a helmet. Yes, a bike helmet. She is totally her daddy's daughter. And since we had trekked uptown for a 2 minute Santa visit we decided to walk across the street for some tacos, which was clearly Caroline's favorite part of the night.

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  1. Ours went the same way!! My little girl (2.5 too) was so excited for days and up until we started walking towards him. Then I sat her in his lap and she started SCREAMING "snuggle mommmmmmy!!!!!!" But we still got our pic! Haha!

  2. Bless Caroline's heart! I'm glad she was able to put in a Christmas request though!

  3. Oh my goodness! This is so sweet and hysterical (poor Caroline!) You got some great pictures out of it though ;)

  4. That is the sweetest thing!! I think crying Santa photos are the best. Ours was classic this year. Ha ha! Poor girl, but the love for Daddy and feeling protected by him is precious!

  5. This is so hilarious! I saw the last picture on Instagram last night and had to show it to my husband. That is so how our daughter is too!

  6. I love these pictures!! Priceless!

  7. I just love all the Santa pictures at this time of the year - you just never know how it is going to turn out! x

  8. oh goodness! poor girl! :(
    that reminds me of my daughter and son this year, too. He was chill and totally cool with Santa.. my daughter, not so much! She was happier once we gave her a candy cane to hold and we got the picture ;) No smiles though

  9. LOL at the helmet request!! Poor Caroline, she does look terrified!! What a great employee perk!!


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