Monday, March 28, 2016

Our 2016 Easter!

I've said it again and again but Easter always has and always will be one of our very favorite holidays to celebrate. I didn't think we could beat last year's Easter but adding Thomas in to the celebrations made this holiday even more amazing than we had imagined.
We also learned this year that Caroline will do anything for a hot pink peep. This includes sprinting to the tub and ripping her clothes off for bath time. I am so not above bribery to make evenings run smoother and can't wait to stock up on clearance peeps.
On to the weekend! School was closed for Good Friday so Thomas and Caroline brought their teachers some treats the day before. I had to work on Friday but I opted for a delayed start so we could let the kiddos open their Easter baskets and then stay home with daddy all day.
We knew Saturday morning was going to be a bit chaotic with getting everyone dressed, fed, packed and out the door for a short road trip to Mimi and Grandad's house so we planned to have our Easter bunny arrive Friday morning. So as soon as the kiddos were tucked in on Thursday night we got to work putting together the Easter baskets and creating a "bunny trail" to the front door.
Matt totally rocked the bunny prints.
The next morning Matt took the kiddos out the back door around the house to meet me at the front. From my high pitched voice, it was pretty apparent that we were all equally excited that the Easter bunny had hopped by that morning. 
The bunny trail absolutely stole the show this Easter. Caroline couldn't stop talking about the "bunny" and asked to go outside over and over and over again to look at the prints. What's even cooler is a few weeks ago a family of baby bunnies were born somewhere in our yard. And earlier this week Caroline finally spotted one of them hopping across the driveway to the backyard so she is convinced that one of those bunnies is the Easter bunny and kept asking to go hunt the bunny down in the backyard. Adorable. 
The Easter baskets were exciting for all of two  minutes before Caroline was asking to go back outside to see the bunny trail. 
Thankfully I decided to keep the baskets super simple! Each babe got a sippy cup, a pair of $1 Target sunglasses and some random snacks I snagged from the pantry. I also threw in a large pack of markers for Caroline because I briefly lost my mind and thought it was a good idea (but hey, I've had worse ideas). Thomas also received a set of flash cards.
In typical bossy big sister fashion, Caroline insisted on ripping through Thomas's Easter basket first. You know, to make sure he didn't get something cooler than her.
Back outside we went for some bunny trail inspecting.
And hopping.
And she taught Tom Tom allllll about the bunny.
 It was the best morning ever.
On Saturday morning we got up early to head to Winston. The neighborhood Matt's parents live in throws the absolute best Easter celebration so we were really excited for a fun day.
Caroline was clearly more interested in planning out her egg hunt strategy than taking pictures.
After last year's Easter bunny trauma, Caroline was on high alert the entire morning. We promised to keep her a safe 300 feet away from the bunny at all times. Any closer and she would completely panic.
 Instead we focused on the petting zoo.
Brunch was incredible and both kids put down plates and plates full of eggs, sausage, grits and hash browns.
Once everyone had a full belly we lined up for the Easter egg hunt. There were so many kids on the "under 4" hunt I was worried Caroline was going to get trampled over.
But nope. She went wild collecting Easter eggs as fast as she possibly could.
 I love this sweet moment I caught between Matt and Thomas.
After the egg hunt we took the kiddos back to Mimi and Grandad's for naps! The next morning we opened Easter baskets, ate a yummy breakfast and headed back home. It was the perfect Easter weekend!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Thyme for Herbs (Caroline's 1st Garden)

To celebrate the first day of Spring last weekend we planted an herb garden with Caroline. Well, technically Matt planted the garden and I ran around taking photos of Caroline contributing a 65 scoops of dirt and 72 buckets of water. But I'd say our herbs are off to a healthy start...
Every year I promise myself I won't buy cilantro or basil because they are doomed from the get go, but oops I did it again. There is just something so enticing about the perfect green leaves sitting all pretty on the Home Depot shelf.
I think we're on dirt scoop 13 at this point...
...scoop 27...
...scoop 43...
...scoop 65. Phew. On to watering! 

For the past few weeks Caroline has been really in to watering the plants at home with Matt so as soon as we told her we needed to water her garden every day you would have thought I told her the new Doc McStuffins baby was coming to our house. She was so, so, so excited.
More watering. She's just so damn cute I couldn't help but take a million pictures.
Alas, the perfect over-potted and over-watered herb garden!
Let's hope we can keep it alive!

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Five on Friday!

Our house is recovering from the stomach flu earlier this week. It's been terrible. Thomas couldn't keep anything down all last weekend so we took him to the doctor on Monday morning and found out he also has a double ear infection. He is so pitiful and will only sleep cuddled up on top of me or Matt, which is terrible timing considering my recovery. By Tuesday mom came down with the same thing and ended up pushing her flight home to this afternoon so she doesn't expose dad to our virus. But we are finally on the mend and are looking forward to a healthy weekend ahead!
one. Now that we have an extra hour of sunlight and the weather is warmer we are starting our wagon ride routine back! There is something magical about the wagon that makes Caroline eat 80% more of dinner so I usually pack up her finger foods in a tupperware container and by the time we get home she's finished her dinner (although a few pieces usually get thrown overboard). 
And because we have a long history of being too impatient to save gifts for the holidays, here are a few of our favorite Bella Tunno Easter basket items for the kiddos...

two. Last week my mom made us the most delicious Zesty Lime Fish Tacos (pre-stomach bug!!) and they were so awesome I have to share. Also, I think the key ingredient here is the taco shells...they are actually made with a biscuit! In fact, I am pretty sure this recipe won a Pillsbury bake-off competition. Anyway, MAKE THEM! Zesty Lime Fish Taco recipe here.

PS - my picture doesn't come close to showcasing the deliciousness of these tacos.
three. Aunt Lindsey was here this week! The kiddos had the very best time with her too. She surprised them by picking them up from school and Caroline went absolutely crazy when she spotted her from across the playground and sprinted into her arms.
four. Charlotte friends! My good friend Sara just opened a super cute monogramming business that you need to check out. Her work is incredible and her prices are reasonably since she doesn't have the overhead costs of a store-front (or ahem, rude employees...looking at you *&*!) and her turnaround time is super quick. She has weather proof drop off and a pick up bins on her front porch in Cotswold and "store hours" by appointment so you can take a look at all of the goodies and fonts up close. I've already had many items monogrammed in the last few weeks including this adorable shirt (provided by her) below, tops for both Thomas and Caroline, towels, seersucker shorts and just dropped Easter items to her.

Find Sara here: Facebook // Blog // Email

Quick Pricing Guide
3 inch and under $8
4 inch $10
5 inch $12
five. Thank you to all of you for checking on me this week! I am doing really great this recovery and my ta-tas are looking more normal each day. A bra-less (woo-hoo!) pic before heading out to St. Patty's Day Supper Club...
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