Friday, October 20, 2017

Five on Friday!

Hi! Happy Friday! I have some gooooooood stuff to share today...
one. If you're a podcast listener you MUST listen to The Life Coach School podcast. It has seriously changed my life, my perspective, my habits and more.  These three episodes have been my favorite this week and I always make sure to listen to each episode twice, especially if I'm multi-tasking. Listen to just one, I promise you'll be hooked.
two. I recently made my favorite Caramelized Onion & Prosciutto Pizza using Trader Joes Cauliflower pizza crust and it turned out amazing. Well, that's not true. I messed up my first pizza because I didn't bake the crust it before adding all my toppings so it tasted more like a grit cake. But the second pizza I nailed. SO delicious.
three. Charlotte friends -- have you eaten at Roots Cafe yet? It is so dang beautiful, the food is locally sourced and the menu is unreal. I've been twice now and have been impressed both times. This week I met a girlfriend for lunch and she ordered the Grilled Bacon Brussels and Ricotta Sandwich and I ordered the Bunless Veggie Burger.  Both of our meals were absolutely incredible.
four. Matt has been away at a conference so I spent last night packing up all of my summer clothes and unpacking all my winter clothes. As I was pulling out my winter wardrobe I applied some advice from the aforementioned Life Coach School podcast and asked myself "would I buy this again?" If the answer was no, it went into the donation pile. If the answer was yes, I hung it up with the hanger turned inside. Once I wear the item I can flip the hanger around. If the hanger doesn't flip by the end of the season, the item gets donated.
five. [GIVEAWAY!!!] Earlier this week I got home a few minutes before Matt and the kids and lit a brand new Pumpkin Pie Spice candle from Pure Integrity. These soy candles are marketed as 50% more fragrance than any other candle and they totally lived up to their claim (and their Amazon reviews)! Within minutes the entire house smelled like a pumpkin pie and it was AMAZING -- the perfect fall scent. When the fam arrived home Matt excitedly asked "Woah! What are you baking?!" The heavenly scent was that strong. Also, these candles are also the perfect gift for your Thanksgiving hostess!
***GIVEAWAY*** Pure Integrity has generously offered to give away a candle to one lucky reader! To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below with your email address and your favorite Halloween candy! Bonus entry: Leave a second (separate) comment telling me your favorite Fall TV show! The contest will run through Oct. 25 and the winner will be picked at random and announced back here on Oct. 26! Good luck!


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wear to Work | Fall Outfits

Y'all loved my last work outfits round-up, so I thought I'd do another one for fall! Here are a few of my recent outfits I've worn the past few weeks. Again, apologies for the mirror selfies! Most of these were literally taken just a few seconds before walking out the door for work.
Top // Pants // Flats
Watch ($17) // Brass Pendant Necklace // Flats // Shirt // Bracelet
 Dress (comes in 5 colors)
Dress (Loft -- no longer available) // Wedges
Dress (wearing size small, runs large)
Top (super old) // Brass Pendant Necklace // Pants // Pink Mules ($25)
Dress // Tassel Horse Necklace // Flats  
Dress // Booties -- sold out (Similar)
 Top (on sale!) // Booties (on sale!) // Cardigan // Brass Pendant Necklace


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Home Tour | The Exterior

We recently scratched off a few more to-do items on our exterior house project list! Over the past 6 months we've actually tackled quite a few projects outside of our home, so today I thought it would be fun to share some exterior updates...

A handful of our exterior projects were done right after we closed on our house at the strong recommendation of our home inspector. None of these projects were particularly fun or affordable but we knew they needed to be done.

First, we replaced a few rotted windows and window frames around the house. All of the wood rot listed in our inspection report was marked as an urgent project. With the home being a rental property for a decade there were several places where the wood rot was extreme and starting to affect other areas of the house so we addressed this right away.
Next we had to replace the rotting diamond gables at the peaks of the roof which were letting water leak in. Our contractor recommended a new design shape which allowed a shingle to protect the top of the gable rather than exposing it to the elements and birds. You can see the new design below!
Next, we had the house painted! Over the years you could see the many stucco repair patches that were repainted in a wide variety of grey paint all over the house. Birds love to build their nests in stucco. Our house was pretty much a bird resort when we moved in -- holes everywhere as you can see in the picture above. Painting was definitely not urgent but we knew if we didn't do it right away we probably never would. And I can honestly say I am SO happy we painted!
I can't tell you how much we agonized over grey paint colors. We started with three colors (from top to bottom): Dorian Grey, Repose Grey, Agreeable Grey. After a few days we ended up nixing the middle color because it looked a bit too silvery instead of a true grey. Then we asked our painter to paint the final two swatches on the front of the house so we could see them next to a window. We ended up choosing the top color -- Dorian Grey. 
The new paint job made a tremendous difference in the house exterior!! The color is a lot lighter than the original house color which is one reason I loved it so much. I was also told by a few readers that lighter colors age better over time. 
The last paint project was painting the front and side porch ceilings haint blue. Blue porch ceilings are a tradition in the South and Matt fell in love with them when he lived in Charleston. It is said that back in the day haint blue kept evil spirits from entering the home. And also, they keep birds from nesting in the porch and certain bugs away.

Anyway, I had spent many days carrying around various blue paint swatches in my purse but then came home from work one day and the painter had already painted the ceilings blue. Sooo I guess he decided for us and went with Palladian Blue, which was not among my top 3 blue contenders but I rolled with it.
The side porch ceiling is my favorite. We had an electrician over recently and on his way in to the house he commented that our (broken) porch fan was actually an interior fan, which explained all of the corrosion. He recommended that we replace it which was music to my ears! 
So I first purchased the prettiest outdoor lantern for less than $100 and Matt went outside of his comfort zone to install it himself! So impressed. But then, as we stood back to admire the newly hung lantern I debated whether or not to tell Matt I thought it was too small. After all, he had just spent hours working on it and was feeling very accomplished. So I let it marinate for a bit before casually asking him if he thought the light was too small for the space. To my surprise, he said yes and offered to swap it out if I quickly purchased a much larger, gorgeous outdoor lantern on major Labor Day sale from Ballard and Matt installed it (with minimal complaints)!
I am truly in love with this new lantern and it fits our space perfectly!
The last project was replacing not one but two A/C systems (including both furnaces) in our home. As painful of an expense as it is, we weren't exactly surprised. Poor timing? Yes, absolutely. But surprised? Well, no. We'd been told during inspection that both of our units were original to the house (so 24+ years old) and were on the fritz. So we loaded both units up with freon and crossed our fingers in hopes we could make it until the end of the year. Turns out we made it a few months...(sigh).
Of course the unit went out while we were out of town so I quickly texted my CLT friends and polled a local Facebook group to find out who the heck to call and received an overwhelming number of recommendations for AirWorks. That same day the owner personally came straight over to my house to top off our units with freon to get our thermostat below 86 degrees and tide us over for a few more days until the new units arrived. Oh, and he did that free of charge! A few days later the crew arrived and installed our new systems. They were so polite, knowledgeable and  helped us apply for rebates through our power and gas companies! So Charlotte readers, I hope you never need to replace your A/C units, but if you do, I cannot recommend AirWorks enough!
And that's a wrap on exterior projects (so far)!


Monday, October 16, 2017

Weekend Rewind

So many best friends squeezed into one weekend! While Matt was hanging at the lake with some friends this weekend the kids and I kept busy at home with our friends too. A few highlights...
Saturday morning I hosted a play date with Lisa, Laura and Sara (& their babies). Several of their husbands were also out of town (one of which was with mine!) so we spent the morning together watching the kiddos run around while sipping on my favorite fall beverage, Sparkling Caramel Apple Cider and snacking on Loaded Baked Potato Dip (I sent several dips off with the boys and had just enough leftover ingredients to whip up one more dip for the girls). 
For lunch I served Taco Soup for the mamas and Lisa brought sammies for the babes.
Girls Table
Boys Table
It was a loud and fun play date.
Saturday night I somehow managed to trick my kids into going to bed at 6 pm (#momboss). My friend Brynn was in town and brought takeout over for dinner. We polished off the rest of my cider batch and caught up on all the things for the next five hours.
Caroline: Dress (on sale $7!) // Booties (on sale $13)  | Thomas: Pants (on sale $11) // Shoes
I can't get over Caroline's new outfit. Those booties. My goodness.
Sunday morning we binge watched Sid the Science Kid before joining Lisa and her girls for church. 
After the service we grabbed lunch before heading home for naps and anxiously awaited Matt's return home!

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