Thursday, February 16, 2017

Toddler Talk

The things that come out of Caroline's mouth these days are so unpredictable and hilarious. A few things I want to catalog...
While handing my camera to me...
Caroline: Mommy? Can you take a smile with me?

In the car on the way to school while listening to our favorite CD...
Caroline: Mommy, can you please turn up the singing?
Caroline teaching Thomas how to make "soup"
Because even a lunch of just french fries is a win these days...
Mommy: Thomas, eat your french fries and you can have your rice krispy treat.
Caroline: Thomas, eat your french fries and you can have your rice krispy treat.
While chaperoning me using the potty (because all moms know you can't pee alone once you have kids!)...
Caroline: (Hands me one square of toilet paper and rubs my back) Great job mommy! You get a sticker! 
The newest night-night routine addition is Caroline reads Thomas a book. This activity was established by Caroline so her rule is she gets to pick the book and only she gets to read and only she gets to sit in the reading chair...(bossy big sister? yep)
Caroline: Come on, Thomas! I am going to read to you!
Thomas: ....
Caroline: (turns first page)
Thomas: nope!



  1. The sticker one is absolutely hilarious!! I love these!

  2. She's so cute! The repeating thing is such a commonplace in our house. I always feel like i have an echo in our household!

  3. She is the cutest! Omg and her choice of book in that last pic--LOLOLOL!

  4. bahah her book choice! I keep forgetting ours is still on L's bookshelf too and feel guilty when she pulls it out every now and then and asks why don't we ever read this one. HA! And yes, I love having a potty chaperone that insists on touching during the event. L leans down in front of me and tells me I'm such a big girl when I go. Awesome. Tots are too funny!

  5. aww i love this! kids are SO funny and cute. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. So fun! Good job, mommy! My little told me good job for something the other day, too. It was about the sweetest thing.

  7. You promise she chose the book in the last photo? :D

  8. Haha, love these! Nothing better or funnier than out of the mouths of babes x

  9. This is fabulous haha made my morning! (And that last photo is nothing but #winning) xo

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  11. Those rainbow jammies are so cute and I am jealous you got a square, I got half a square :)

  12. OMG. The book choice. I.Love.It. We have that same rocking chair!! It was my Dad's when he was little and has been passed down. Toddler conversations are the best. I can't wait to hear the conversations between Caroline and Thomas too.

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