Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Toddler Talk

Time for another edition of Toddler Talk...

While selling our home Caroline was very concerned when we'd leave the house for a showing:
Caroline: Mommy, are the peoples going to play with our toys?
Mommy: No, they are just looking at stuff in the house.
Caroline: Oh. So they are going to watch Caillou on our TB?

While applying an entire box of band aids to her legs...
Mommy: Let's not waste all the band-aids.
Caroline: But mommy, my leg is ouching!

During an attempt to have a conversation with Matt in the car...
Caroline: Excuse me mommy!
Mommy + Daddy:...talking...
Caroline: Excuse me daddy!
Mommy + Daddy:...talking...

While destroying the kitchen at Grandma's house...
Grandma: You are making a big mess!
Caroline: It's OK! My daddy will clean it up!



Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Our Florida Trip + Hating Cancer

We spent the long Memorial Day weekend in Florida with my family! I'll break it down to the top 5 highlights...
Highlight #1: Baby Beckett!  Lindsey, Ryan, Jackson & Baby Beckett spent all weekend with us and I seriously could not get enough newborn snuggles. Beckett is the most perfect little babe and was the center of attention all weekend long...
 Look who it brother Ian!
Highlight #2: Family Pool Day! We had the most perfect pool day filled with sunshine, mimosas, fights over the red squirt gun and pouring cups and cups of water out of the pool.

 Uncle Nick never misses a party. Always a fun time!
Highlight #3: Saturday Steak Dinner Tradition: Dad perfectly cooked us all steaks on Saturday, a Sandroni family tradition.
Highlight #4: Besties + Babies!  I got to see 4 out of 5 of my Orlando bridesmaids while I was home which is pretty freaking awesome. My sister and I went over to Ashley's house to meet her sweet little baby girl! Afterwards, my besties Shannon & Staci came over to hang out and drink chardonnay.

Highlight #5: Despite being on the outs with the Big Man, going to church with my dad was one of my favorite parts of the weekend.

And that was a wrap on Florida! Caroline and I will be returning in a few weeks to spend more time with dad. Then I'll return with Thomas next. We're rotating kids and family flights so we can affordably take as many trips down as possible! Let the countdown to the next trip begin!


For those of you who came for the cute baby pictures and highlight reel, you can go ahead and click out of the rest of this post. I may get a little've been warned...
An update on dad

For those of you who asked about my dad, he's hanging in there. I don't think anything can really prepare you for watching your parent battle cancer. Although I receive the daily reports from my sister and my mom on chemo updates, blood tests, scan results, additional health issues and more, it still sends a shock wave through my body when I walk through the door at home and see my dad in his very fragile and hazy state. 
It's hard for him to get up from the couch now and he only does it out of necessity. He exclusively uses a walker, but for longer distances he needs a wheelchair. However, he pushed himself hard while we were there. I know it takes more out of him than he let on but the first day he sat by the pool with us for a little bit to watch the grandbabies splash around. The next day he grilled steaks. The following day he made it to church for the first time in awhile. And on our last day he sat on the front porch with us for a bit before we left for the airport.

While we were there I tried to stay strong in front of dad and not break down into hysterical sobs every time I held his hand on the couch. I found myself trying to memorize what his hands felt like, record his voice in my head and remember his warm brown eyes, which thankfully he gave me.
One night after we put the kids to bed dad asked us to shave his head. Matt was brave enough to raise his hand, for which I was so grateful, and he did it with the most graceful and perfect humor during the too quiet moments. But inside I wanted to die as I stood on the sidelines silently vacillating between extreme sadness and intense rage with each stroke of the clippers running through his thinning brown hair.

So yeah, cancer sucks and I wish I had a more positive update to share, but we're dealing with real life. And it's hard. Like harder than anything I've ever been through...and I've had a mastectomy and been told my child is blind.

So if you wouldn't mind, please continue to say a prayer for dad (and mom too while you're at it).



Friday, May 26, 2017

Five on Friday!

Cross your fingers for us this morning -- we're wrangling our toddlers onto an airplane and heading to Florida! I am so so so so so excited to meet my littleist love, see my daddy and hang with the fam for a few days.
one. I spent a few days in Atlanta this week for work which I didn't mind one bit because I got a night out with my bestie Brynn at Barcelona Wine Room. We shared tons of small plates and had the very best time catching up since I last saw her. Isn't she the prettiest?!
two. On our grocery run during mama spring break we picked up a few pints of Halo Top. I was clearly the last one to the party (per usual!) because everyone raved about this ice cream all weekend and it definitely lived up to the hype! My friend Laura mixes half of this ice cream with half of her favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream so she cuts the calories but not the quantity of her dessert -- brilliant, right?!
New romper + wedges from my favorite boutique, Petal! It's not available online (yet!) but it is available in-store ($58), and they will ship it (my sister does this all the time)!
three. Last night, when we should have been packing for Florida, Matt and I decided to dip out for a quick date night at Foxcroft Wine. We shared my new favorite Sauvignon Blanc (Cloudy Bay!!!) that my friend Abby introduced me to on vacation and a large bowl of truffle fries, sliders and award-winning brussels sprouts! Then we polished off our wine with some homemade donuts. So you can find me hiding behind a beach towel in my bikini this weekend -- but it was totally worth it.

four. I recently re-read a hilarious article,12 Jim Gaffigan Quotes & Jokes: Everything You Need To Know About Family & Parenting, and had to share it for those of you looking for a good laugh. I am a huge Jim Gaffigan fan. If you love the article, you should absolutely check out his book, Dad is Fat.
five. Okay friends, help a mama out -- neuLASH or R&F Lash Boost? One of my girlfriends recently used Lash Boost and her lashes are ahhhhh-maaaazing but I've heard great things about neuLASH too and it's a little less expensive. Give me some feedback!!



Thursday, May 25, 2017

Caroline's Yellow 3rd Birthday Party

When I asked Caroline what kind of birthday party she wanted this year without hesitation she exclaimed "a YELLOW party!" I wasn't really sure how I was going to pull off a birthday party in our new house just a few weeks after moving in but I promised Matt (and myself) that I would keep things as simple as possible, which as you know is totally against my party planning style. But I did it! I did it! And despite getting rained out of our backyard as guests were arriving and moving everything inside last minute I am happy to report that this was my first party ever where I did not suffer a case of hostess neurosis on party day!
The birthday girl!
I grabbed a few dozen yellow cupcakes from the Harris Teeter and had pizza delivered just before guests arrived. Easy. Easy. Easy.
We had everything set up outside and ready to go for an outdoor party -- food, booze, decorations, yard sprayed for mosquitoes, bounce house and more...and then a storm rolled in about 20 minutes after the guests arrived. Womp. Womp.
I picked up two bouquets of flowers from the farmers market for the table decor. Everything else we already had in my party bins that Matt thankfully agreed to dig through the garage to find!
 Oh and someone got a little sidewalk chalk happy with all his extra free time he had while the kids napped.
Caroline's best, best, best friend -- Austin. He was her first friend at daycare at 3 months old and they have been inseparable since.
Facetiming with Grandma + Grandpa!
When the rain stops and you run outside for a Supper Club group photo!
Mimi + Grandad + Auntie Ann
Another fun party (and our FIRST in our new house) for the books!

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