Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Caroline's Ballet Recital

I recently wrote about a recent mommy fail when I learned Caroline had been missing out on weekly ballet classes at school with her girlfriends. Anyway, I got her signed up just in time for the last few classes of the season and she is obsessed. I mean...
There is seriously nothing cuter than picking her up on Fridays and watching her show off her "happy" and "sad" toes, twirl around and show me other things I wouldn't understand because I was never in ballet. Anyway, Caroline's ballet recital was on Friday and it took everything inside me not to bawl my eyes out when she walked out...
Oh, and I also missed the memo on proper ballet attire. I didn't know all the girls wore legit ballet flats -- I assumed they just chased each other around barefoot!!! Noted for next year! Regardless, Caroline rocked the heck out of her church shoes. Ha! 
That moment when you spot your daddy in the audience...
And the ballet instructor does her best to pry your back into the performance...
For the most part, Caroline spent the entire performance smiling and waving at us. Afterwards daddy presented her with a little bouquet of flowers. It was the best morning ever.
And that's a wrap on Caroline's .15 season of ballet.



  1. So precious!! It looks like you have a ballerina on your hands :) I'm also loving that mint green top!

  2. Awww!!!! These pictures are so sweet!! She's so proud!! Love, love, love!!

  3. Sweet little love :) Looks like she had a blast! Would love details on your shirt!!!!

  4. She is too stinking cute!!! Love it and love your shirt!!

  5. Oh my goodness! Those were the sweetest pics!!! Love the one where she saw her daddy! I have a house full of dancers and there's just something about those tiny ballerinas that get me every time! Hope she continues to love dancing! Her smile says you might be in for the long haul!

  6. I can't with this - this is the sweetest ever! Love how she loves ballet and her daddy!

    Zelle | Southern Style

  7. Omg so cute! I remember taking ballet at that age--I loved it!

  8. THANK YOU for being so real! I'm right there with you as a busy working mama. Sometimes I just completely miss the fact that my kids aren't doing something or don't wear the right thing or whatever. I know it's not your intention, but I totally makes me feel more normal to know that it's just part of life!! Don't "cue the mom guilt" you're doing great and everyone who reads your blog can tell that your kids aren't suffering one bit!

    1. This comment just made my day! THANK YOU! xo

  9. Oh my gosh, this is the sweetest thing!!! And don't feel bad about the shoes - I did ballet when I was like 5 (first and last time) and I remember being so annoyed because they made us take our ballet shoes off and run around the room to a drum. I mean, where's the cute shoes and dancing ;)

  10. She is so adorable! I love the photo of her hugging her daddy! What a sweet moment!

  11. Oh man, the cuteness!!! My girls absolutely love their ballet classes (and the good and naughty toes are also my best!) We cannot wait for the big concert at the end of the year x


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