Thursday, June 29, 2017

Supper Club | Charcuterie Night

Okay, OKAY, okaaaaaaayyyyy -- Laura wins best Supper Club. Last Thursday Laura hosted us for an amaaaaazing evening of rosé and charcuterie. It.was.epic.
Seeeeeee? Epic, like I said!
Laura's home is seriously the cutest too.
Another table shot because this set up was too beautiful to resist a million pictures!
We had a ton of fun conversations per usual, but I am still cracking up over the hilarious debate and taste test of the chicken vs goat rosé. Turns out all of our glasses had been mixed with both over the course of MANY refills but we believe the $5.99 La Ferme Julien from Trader Joes still wins BEST rosé EVER.
In case you missed this clip on InstaStories!


  1. I love this!!! So easy and delicious (I'm sure)! I love reading your Supper Club posts, their my fave!

  2. This looks AMAZING!! Such a great idea for girls night/ supper club!

  3. writing on and serving on the butcher paper...........absolutely BRILLIANT! definitely an idea to be copied by many of us :)

  4. Gorgeous setup! My idea of the perfect meal ;)

  5. Love this! We need a guest post from Laura with a tutorial!

  6. This looks so fun and delicious! Love the table!!

  7. Ooohhh! Yes I agree! Guest post from Laura with a tutorial!

  8. This was AMAZING!!! And I love the brown paper runner - definitely a must for my next dinner party! x

  9. This looks tasty... I'm so in for this kind of dinner party!!

  10. SO AWESOME!!! I wanna eat it all up! Great idea!

    BTW - What is the black stuff in that dish / cup with a spoon in the last table picture?


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