Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Master Bathroom Renovation | The Tub

Coming in hot with part 3 of our master renovation -- the tub! I am a huge bath person so the tub renovation was super important to me. During our home inspection I was disappointed to learn there were several cracks around the tub which made it unusable. However, a broken tub meant a brand new tub was in our future. So we said goodbye to the swimming pool and hello to the most gorgeous freestanding tub!

Okay, a few BEFORE photos...
How massive is that tub?! I think my entire family could fit in it.
Once we decided to rip out the tub I immediately started tub shopping! At first I was worried that a freestanding tub wouldn't be as comfortable to sit in as my old whirlpool tub. So one day on my lunch break I went to a popular bathroom showroom in Charlotte and sat in every. single. tub. I was amazed at how much MORE comfortable the freestanding tub was! I didn't feel like I was sliding to the center and the tub walls came up so much higher which allowed me to rest my neck over the side more comfortably! I picked out a few tubs I loved and when I received the pricing I about fell out of my chair.
So I decided to shop around online for the tubs I liked from the showroom and guess what? Lowes had one of my favorites, the Jacuzzi Primo Acrylic Oval Freestanding Tub, for 1/3 of the price!!! Again, I purchased the tub online for delivery, using a 20% off coupon (purchased for $1.99 on eBay) and received a check in the mail for 5% cash back just for ordering through ebates!
Demo complete! Time to tile and rebuild the walls. So this was a big decision that I agonized over. I didn't think wall tile would fit in to this space so it was between beadboard, plain drywall or picture frame moulding. Finally after falling in love with this pin, this pin and this pin my mind was made up completely to go with picture frame moulding!
I am so obsessed with my new tub and use it almost every single night to soak in!
I also need to give a shout out to my favorite tub accessory, my Tub Caddy, for all of the Netflix + wine nights it has allowed me to have.

Alright, alright...real life...just trying to make sure no one poops in my tub...
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  1. What a beautiful tub.

  2. Your method of buying coupons on eBay and using ebates is AMAZING!!! I use MyPoints for my online shopping. I'll have to compare and see which is better for what. But genius!!!!!

  3. Love the new tub! We have that giant pool one right now, but I'm not much of a bath person so it houses our laundry and toilet paper stash. So glamorous! I hope you enjoy many relaxing soaks in there! :-D

  4. I'm obsessed with what you did with the space! It looks so clean and perfect!


  5. Love the tub you picked and the picture frame molding looks fantastic. I personally hate our built in jacuzzi tub.

  6. You did such a gorgeous job on this master reno!! Way to go!! And I love your couponing ways :)

  7. Your posts are making me want to redo our bathroom! 😍

  8. Gorgeous!! And I LOVE the tub caddy - we need one of those at my house pronto! ;)

  9. I'm a tub person too... we definitely tried them all. Perch even has a private demo room where you can TRY different tubs... yeah, I tried a tub at NorthPark in my swimsuit. It's important to get the right tub!! I really wanted a freestanding one... but the air tub won out.... and I definitely love it, too. Love how your bathroom came together despite all the problems with it!


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