Thursday, September 21, 2017

First Day of Fall || Pumpkin Dip

Tomorrow is the first official day of fall and as always I love to re-post my favorite fall recipe -- pumpkin dip! It blows my mind how my original recipe post from 2012 is still the #1 result for pumpkin dip recipes! You can find the printable version of my recipe here.
Caroline made our first batch of pumpkin dip last weekend for a Sunday Funday at Lisa's house. I always forget how unbelievably delicious this dip is. As Caroline and I were pulling out the ingredients for the dip I decided I'd let her pour it all in the mixer together...
And to practice for her future cooking show I took a ton of snaps in SnapChat and loved them so much that I saved them all and uploaded them to iMovie. It was super easy to throw together and is a video I'm so glad we'll have forever!



  1. Oh my goodness how precious is little (BIG!) Caroline? I haven't made this but I love your pumpkin bread recipe and make it constantly this time of year! So easy and delicious!!

  2. Loved seeing her video on was so cute!!!

  3. Every Fall I say that I am going to try this recipe and I forget lol I am DEFINITELY trying it this year!! Looks delicious!!

  4. I have yet to make this but every single year I tell myself I'm going to! I really am going to make it this weekend!


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