Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Home Tour | The Powder Room

Yay! Another space checked off the list -- our powder room! Actually, this room was the first to be completed in the house but it took me forever to get around to taking the pictures. But alas, it is DONE and come on in...
But wait! Let's take a look at what we were working with before...
So first things first -- that light HAD to go. It wasn't even properly installed and had about a decade of dust caked all over it. So we replaced the light fixture right away (well, second to replacing the toilet seat)...which brings me to another lesson learned in the renovation process: There's no better marriage test than changing a light fixture together. I am happy to report we are still married today after replacing the old fixture with the new one.
Okay, you get the point! Let's get to the fun stuff...the AFTER photos...
AHHHHH! I love it so so so so much!
The wallpaper was definitely our splurge so I was super diligent in shopping sales, finding promo codes + coupons and using ebates for the rest of the purchases.
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  1. Love the wallpaper you chose!! The powder room turned out awesome!!

  2. Looks SO good! Obsessed with that wallpaper!

  3. Love it! That wallpaper is adorable!!

  4. STUNNING! I just bought a swimsuit to match your wallpaper - same print! x

  5. Super cute! I love that you can change the look whenever you want with fun colored towels, too!

  6. This looks SO GOOD! I love the sassy wallpaper- too fun! And you nailed it on the mirror and spacing- what an instant fix from the spacing of the before heights. You have such a great eye girlfriend!

  7. Oh yea- and did you do your own wallpapering?? I'm doing wall paper on some built ins in a few weeks once hardwoods are refinished and am terrified! Ha

  8. I absolutely loveeee this space!! That wallpaper has me rethinking my stance on putting up wallpaper in the house :)

  9. Love the wallpaper!! -anna from

  10. Replies
    1. Sorry it went before I was finished. I may need your wallpaper installer guy!

  11. I love it SO much! I know what you mean about the light fixture installation. We did that one time and one time only. Now my BIL comes to help my husband because it's just better for our marriage! :)

  12. It looks great! We put wallpaper in our new powder and it completely changed the look- it's one of my favorite rooms!!

    xo, Kristina

  13. Ob-sessed!! Love a good wallpapered powder room and this one is on point! Way to go!


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