Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fall Soup Round-Up

It's officially soup season! Today I am sharing nine of my favorite soups. My best advice is to double, no wait, triple these recipes and stock your freezer for the season! Or, find two friends and host a soup swap between the three of you. Each friend makes a triple batch of their favorite soup and gives one batch of soup to each friend. And in return she gets two new soups! Now who wants to go in on a soup swap with me?!
Crock Pot Enchilada Soup // Lasagna Soup // Creamy Zuppa Toscana Soup
White Bean Chicken Chili // Sausage + Cheese Tortellini Soup // Creamy Tomato Basil Soup
Taco Soup // White Bean + Kale Soup // Crock Pot Baked Potato Soup

Now pretty please share with me your favorite soup! I am always looking to add to my recipe collection!



  1. You tomato basil soup is my absolute favorite!! I first made it last year and have made it twice this season already!! Thank you!! :)


  2. Soups are my love language. So much good stuff here.

  3. Yum! Can't wait to try some of these! This blogger has some great soups --- .

  4. Love soups and love the idea of a soup swap! Here are some of my favorites:
    Mushroom soup:
    sweet potato/apple/ turkey chili:

  5. They all look so delicious! I recently made this crockpot beef chili which couldn't have been easier (and ALL members of the family ate!):

  6. We love your soups!! There are a few of yours on regular rotation in our house!

  7. These were in constant rotation last winter. Thanks for sharing again, in time for cool weather

  8. Yum!! These all look great! We love this chili recipe and eat it all winter long:

  9. Thanks for sharing. Fall=soup weather in my house too. We've been making this one on the regular:

  10. these look amazing! for the past two years, I've hosted a soup swap at my house with 10+ ladies - here are our recipes if you're looking for more: and


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