Friday, October 13, 2017

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday!
one. Did anyone else take advantage of the huge Bath & Body Works sale this week? It was buy two candles, get two candles free plus $10 off $30 purchase. My new favorite scent is WINTER. It legitimately smells like winter and is so amazing I had to buy two! 
two. Caroline and I made my favorite two ingredient pumpkin bread for her and Thomas's teachers this week. I was skimming through the comments and a few readers said they added an egg so I tried that and loved the extra fluff it gave our mini loafs! 
three. PSA for all contact users!!! I thought I shared this amazing solution with y'all like a year ago but it turns out I didn't. Sorry! Anyway, a long time ago Thomas's contact lens specialist told us we should be using Clear Care Contact Solution for cleaning contacts and that it's really the best and most effective solution out there. This stuff is seriously so magical. You can SEE it working when you drop your contacts into the solution and it deep cleans Thomas' contacts SO well. And Matt uses it too and always comments on how much better this solution cleans his contacts than the stuff he used to use. Anyway, we have this solution stock piled under the sink. If you're not using it, you should! You can buy it at Target, Amazon, etc. Oh, and must abide by the 6 hour soaking rule or you'll be sorry.
four. We had new master bathroom countertops installed this week (post coming soon!) and Matt installed our faucets himself (go Matt!). Y'all sent me the most hilarious messages in response to my insta-stories post of me keeping Matt company/supervising late into the night of faucet installations! I also had a lot of questions about 1. where I purchased our wreath from (I made it! post here!) and 2. If our bed always looks that perfect. The answer is yes. And it's 100% Matt. He loves to make the bed every morning. NOTE: Our perfectly made bed is NOT indicative of the tidiness of the rest of our house!

Five. Two dresses you need to know about! And thanks to Matt, I've got some non-mirrored selfies for ya...

Dress #1: I found this gorgeous burgundy dress (under $50) for my Christmas card photo shoot next weekend! I'll swap out flats for booties but seriously, how cute is this dress?! Now I need to find something for the rest of the family to wear!
Dress (wearing size small, runs large)

Dress #2: Another dress from Romwe, this Fluted Sleeve Gingham Dress is $17 and I LOVE the open tie back. Also,  I was more impressed on the quality of this dress.

That's all for today! Have a wonderful weekend, friends! xo


  1. I have been craving pumpkin bread this week so a two ingredient bread recipe sounds perfect for a girl like me who hates to cook but loves to eat! ;) I may even get fancy and add the egg! Happy Friday!!
    That Inspired Chick

  2. I will need this gingham dress! Adorable! I have a shirt that looks just like it and now want that dress! Comment on sizing??

  3. I have this gingham dress and have been wearing it up to 7 months pregnant, great maternity dress too!

  4. A few years ago, I was sleeping over at a friend's house and used her clear care contact solution without realizing it was any different and OH MY GOODNESS the burning was SO BAD. My eyes were red for days... lesson leaned lol.

  5. That is truly the BEST contact solution! Makes your contacts feel like a brand new pair.

  6. I once had something in my eye, so picked up a bottle of contact solution to use as eye drops and flush it out. Except I picked up the wrong bottle and squeezed Clear Care directly into my eye. I thought "this is it...this is how it all ends for me"

  7. Wait what do you mean "you'll be sorry"??? A lot of the amazon reviews mention cloudy vision--is that from not waiting the whole six hours?

    1. I received some samples of this solution from my eye doctor last year. My husband and I used it and both experienced horrible hazy vision like many of the reviews mention. At this year's appointment, my doctor said she has heard the same complaint from a lot of patients since the company switched to the HydraGlyde formula. I used the old formula with no problems. The hazy/cloudy vision is different from the intense burning you'll experience if you don't wait the whole six hours though - ouch!

  8. I've put mine in too early before and OW. But, I agree that the solution works SO much better than the stuff I used to use. I've been using it for years and I'll never go back. My eye dr is also anti store brand, but he does recommend the Walmart version of this if you're ever running low and happen to be there. It works just as well, but I don't like the case as well.

  9. Those dresses look so cute on you! I also love your candle haul; Bath and Body Works has really upped their branding game. I love the labels on those candles!

  10. The pumpkin bread looks and sounds delicious! I love BBW candles! I haven't tried Winter yet.

  11. Obsessed with both of those dresses! And YES I took advantage of the candle sale! The lavender is soooo delicious smelling!

  12. I found the pumpkin bread on your blog last year, and I love it! I'll have to try adding the egg sometime!! :)


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