Monday, October 23, 2017

Mamas Spa Day + Quintuple Date Night

This weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in a very long time. For Mother's Day, Matt and four other husbands surprised a group of us with a spa day at the Ritz. And it took us six months for the five of us girls to find a date that all of us were in town. Finally, on Saturday we cashed in our Mother's Day gift...and it was magical.
We arrived early enough in the morning to secure the best five loungers in the pool area that were off in a more secluded area and conveniently next to the pool bar. The day was so amazing. We sipped on mimosas, lounged in robes, napped in the most gorgeous relaxation room, had facials + massages, sat in the salt room and all got ready together in the massive bathroom for dinner with our husbands later that night!
Sara + McKinsey + Lisa + Me + Laura
Photo credit: Laura
Hair credit: Also Laura
Once we were all dolled up we met the husbands downstairs in the Ritz lounge for a round of cocktails before heading to dinner.
Gosh, I love these girls so much. I seriously won the best friends lottery.
Yes, Andrew and Matt are wearing the same shirt. Naturally, we made them sit next to each other at dinner...
After dinner we made one last stop at RiRa for a drink on the rooftop before ubering home. The entire day was just perfect -- ginormous kudos to the husbands for the very best gift.



  1. Oh what a perfect day! Hats off to all the wo derdul husbands

  2. What a perrrrrfect day! My girlfriend and I are having a spa day this Sunday and I can. not. wait.

  3. Wow serious brownie points to yall's husbands!! Best gift ever!

  4. What an AMAZING day and night! Such good husbands!

  5. Love this idea ... truly the best gift a wifey could ask for!

  6. AH-mazing! I'm so jealous right now haha excellent weekend fo' sho' lady! xo

  7. I just bought that same shirt that Andrew and Matt are wearing for my son this weekend!

  8. Looks so nice and relaxing! Good job husbands! :)

  9. This seriously looks like the best weekend, ever. I'm totally jealous that you have so many great girlfriends nearby.

  10. So glad you got a day to relax! You deserve it!

  11. So relaxing and well deserved for you mamas!

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's


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