Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ultimate Toddler Gift Guide

TA-DA! Toddler gift guide...just in time for Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

Favorite Toddler Toys (ages 2+)
A list of my kids' tried and true favorite (and most played with) toys! At first I was going to sort the list by girl and boy toys but both of my kids love both boy and girl toys so really any of these would work for any 2+ toddler!
Favorite Toddler Toys
$15 & Under

$25 & Under   

Over $25

Outdoor Toys
My favorite toys for the kids are the ones that I'm not going to trip over 30 times a day in the family room. If they can be played with outside it's a double win in my opinion -- keeps them out of my way and gets the kids outside! Here are some of our most favorite outdoor gifts that our kids looooooove to play with.  
Outdoor Toddler Toys
$20 & Under

$35 & Under

 Big Gifts

My kids loooooooove books and even though we have piles and piles of them I am always looking for more! We own some of these books or check them out often from the library, and Santa is also bringing a few too.
Toddler Books!

Looking for more meaningful gifts? Check out this post!

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  1. Yep yep yep to all of these! And I totally forgot about Lincoln Logs -- I think my daughter would die of happiness! Thanks!

  2. Unsolicited, but, a cash register and a purse for Caroline would be good gifts for your babies this year. Don't get extra play money, you'll just end up picking it up off the floor. I really love I Dissent and The Paperbag Princess.

    1. I have thrown away SO many "coins" found throughout the house. haha. Looking at those books!! And i LOVE the purse idea!!!

  3. Can you give a little more information on ebates? I’m not sure how it works still! Do all purchases have to be online through them?

    1. Once you sign up for an account, you simply go through the ebates website to take you to whatever store you want to shop at. Then ebates sends you directly to that site (ex: Target) and then you automatically get a % back in cash from ebates just for going through their website. It's SUPER easy and I've earned a ton of cash back on all my Christmas shopping!

  4. Great gift ideas! I put a couple of these on the kids' lists!


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