Monday, November 6, 2017

Weekend Rewind

We had an incredible weekend of celebration! Not only did we celebrate six years of marriage, we celebrated my goddaughter Millie's baptism and first birthday!
Friday night Matt and I went to Foxcroft Wine for our anniversary dinner. I love this place so much and it was nice to sit outside under the twinkle lights with a bottle of Cloudy Bay and tons of delicious small plates.
When we arrived home from our date night we didn't hesitate to dive right in to our anniversary cake.
Saturday we ate breakfast at IHOP, Caroline got her first haircut and we ran all the usual errands and did all the usual chores. 
Saturday afternoon we had a baptism rehearsal followed by dinner at Lisa's sister's house.
Sunday we celebrated sweet Millie! I am so honored and blessed to be Millie's godmother and her special day was perfect and beautiful!
And that's a wrap on a celebratory weekend!



  1. Those cakes. So very beautiful! What a fun weekend!

  2. What a fun weekend! Please share where your boots are from??

  3. I love the fact that caroline's hair is now long enough to be cut :)

  4. Fun weekend! Would you mind sharing information on your boots??!! I'm on the hunt!

  5. your posts make me so happy! i loved your outfit for the baptism!!


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