Thursday, January 18, 2018


Yesterday Charlotte got 3 inches of snow which pretty much paralyzed the city, giving us the very best snow day. No seriously, it was the best! 
Matt must have made 40 snow balls for the kids to throw. There are snow angels all over our backyard. And a pile of soggy wet clothes by the back door. These are the days!
To thaw the kiddos out, I whipped up some hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, which I later regretted at nap time.
All day I slow cooked Chicken, Kale + Sweet Potato soup in the crock pot.
And I just got the text -- school is closed again today.


  1. How precious! I love all the snow day pictures. 😍 Dallas has gotten zero snow this year and it makes me so sad!

  2. These are absolutely the days!! So much fun!

  3. The best days! Glad you all had such a blast!

  4. So fun! Your house looks beautiful in the snow!

  5. SO MUCH FUN!!! And that soup sounds delicious x

  6. The pictures of the kids the snow are SO great! It was so disappointing to me when we didn't get any snow, lol.


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