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5 Father’s Day Experience Gift Ideas

Thank you to Walmart for partnering with my family on this post and to my readers for supporting my blog. All reviews are my own.

Father’s Day is this Sunday so over the weekend I asked Matt what some of his favorite gifts have been from me over the years. And he said his favorite gifts are the ones that come with an experience (which I agree! I prefer an experience gift too!). So with lots of input from Matt, I thought it would be fun to round up a few experience gift ideas as well as small gifts to pair with it!

1. Golf Club Fitting & Golf Accessories

For Matt, anything golf related is what he really wants for any gift. His top two favorite experience golf gifts from me over the years have been golf lessons and club fittings! I’m actually purchasing another club fitting for him this year.

There are endless golf gifts options you can pair with one of these experiences so I asked Matt what some of his favorite golf items are right now. His top picks include his backyard chipping net, alignment putting mirror, putting matt and magnetic rangefinder band (wraps around his rangefinder and sticks to the golf cart metal frame). 

Need more ideas? Here are a few additional items selected by Matt: Cigar Clip / Nike Golf Hat / Golf Balls / Golf Towel / Golf Glove / Golf Tees / Putting Cup / Groove Sharpener Tool / Alignment Tool & Marker / Golf Swing Selfie Stick

Golf Gift Ideas

2. Date Night & Grooming Products

A night out together is really a gift to both of us so this is one of my favorite ideas too. Another reason why I love this pairing is because over the years Matt has asked for gadgets or products that feel like they aren’t enough to gift on their own. Adding on a date night really rounds out something like a beard trimmer, ya know?

A few of Matt’s favorite products/items that are always sitting on his vanity…

  • Beard Trimmer Grooming Kit: I don’t think Matt has shaved with a razor since we got married, so a beard trimmer is key and he gives this one two thumbs up because the kit comes with lots of useful accessories.
  • Jack Black Moisturizer: Once he’s done shaving, Matt loves to lather on this face lotion. This product is one he’s kept around for years.  
  • Hair Styling Matt Clay: If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know that Matt’s hairstyle changes OFTEN and that he loves volume. His favorite hair styling product these days is this texturizing putty.
  • Creed Cologne: Lastly, and my personal favorite too — Creed cologne! Matt has a few scents (all of which are amazing) but my favorite is Aventus (and the one he gets the most compliments on) followed closely by Millesime Imperial.
Product Gift Ideas

3. Afternoon BBQ + Grill Cookware

Last year I surprised Matt with a new grill and we broke it in with friends! Matt loves to grill and often reminisces about his memories of large family gatherings grilling barbecue chicken at his granddad’s house. They only used charcoal and always used the same BBQ sauce which is forever in our fridge. If you’re looking to purchase a new grill or Blackstone griddle, I highly recommend pairing it with an afternoon of hosting friends or family over!

A few of Matt’s favorite grilling products and accessories: 4 Burner Grill / Non-Stick BBQ Grill Matt / Grill Wok / Chimney Starter / Silicone Basting Brush Set / Stainless Steel Grill Basket

Grill Gift Ideas

4. Gym Membership & Deep Tissue Massage Gun

As many of you already know, Matt is absolutely obsessed with his deep tissue percussion gun. He purchased it in preparation for his recent golf trip (9 rounds in 6 days!) and used it daily..and still uses it after every workout. So I wasn’t surprised when he said we had to include this in the gift post as it is seriously the most practical gift for any guy (“especially over the age of 40,” says Matt) who is active or pulls their neck/back/should muscles out from time to time.

Pair this deep tissue gun with a gym membership for boxing, rowing, yoga, crossfit, cycling, etc!

5. Camping Trip + Camping Accessories

Our family went tent camping for the first time last year and we had so much fun that we decided we’d make it an annual adventure. We had to purchase SO much stuff before our trip so there’s no shortage of camping gear items you can gift alongside an overnight trip.

Here are a few of Matt’s favorite camping tools and gadgets:

  • 3-in-1 Hatchet: Matt has to split wood while we camp and this is his go-to hatchet. It makes him happy. 
  • Tri-Pod Hanging Grill: Did I mention Matt likes to grill? This tri-pod grill is really light weight and can handle a family of four!
  • Mini Lanterns: Headlamps are great, but these little lanterns “really let the animals know you’re coming,” says Matt.  He’s not wrong. These lamps are super powerful and we placed them all around our campsite so the kids could see.
Camping Gift Ideas

Matt had a LOT of fun picking out lots of other random items that I didn’t include since they didn’t quite pair with any of the above experiences. However, I did promise I would include these two items from his list since he was really excited about them:

  • Electric Scooter: I laughed when Matt told me he wanted this scooter for the office. I will admit, his office is pretty large and he sits really far away from the printer. During Christmas, we hid all of our bikes at his office and I think he got a little too comfortable riding his mountain bike through the hall to his paralegals office.
  • Laser Tag Set: I can get on board with this gift as there are currently Nerf darts ALL OVER MY HOUSE and I think laser tag would eliminate tears over accidental darts to the face.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! And thank you to Matt for all his fun ideas and product selections for this post!

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Heather Burkholder

Tuesday 15th of June 2021

These posts are super helpful as it takes the guessing out of it for the rest of us, lol!! I know these posts may be extra work for you, but I/We appreciate them :) Also, I am basically hooked to see how swim team turns out this summer...haha!! good luck mama!

Sara Perrera

Tuesday 15th of June 2021

Your gift guides always help me soooo much. I love the BBQ gift ideas. Also I have never heard of Matt's fav bbq sauce. I can't wait to try it.


Monday 14th of June 2021

These are some great ideas, thanks for the inspiration! I'm tempted to do some of the grill-focused gifts, since I would directly benefit from a lot of the delicious results :)