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5 Month Bumpdate {Gender Reveal}

I am 19 weeks pregnant and the time is flying by. In fact, I wish it would slow down just a bit because we have done absolutely nothing to prepare for baby M2 except for signing up for the daycare wait list. Anyway, let’s get down to the most exciting update…the gender reveal…

We officially received gender confirmation at my anatomy scan last week. To reveal the news to our families we gave them confetti poppers and an envelope containing the name…

Baby M2 is a…BOY! 

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome a little man to our family. And I am so hoping that he is a total mama’s boy since Caroline absolutely favors her daddy. We’ll see!

We knew we wanted to use another family name for our little boy and both of us agreed it would be so special to honor both of our dad’s, so we chose Thomas Dean Marcellino. Thomas is Matt’s dad’s name (and also Matt’s middle name) and Dean is my dad’s name. We love the name Thomas Dean and both of our dad’s were so excited and surprised when we told them. I also think “Tommy” is a really cute little boy name although Matt adamantly says he’ll be called “Thomas”. Oh, and although it’s a total coincidence, Matt and I also met at Thomas Street Tavern (you can read that story here).

Other less exciting pregnancy updates…

  • Sleeping good and feeling good for the most part. There are definitely nights of pregnancy insomnia and days of extreme exhaustion sprinkled in but for the most part I am reminded of how much I love the second trimester, minus the lovely round ligament pains.
  • The flutters have begun and I forgot how much I love feeling movement in my tummy!
  • Craving carbs (bagels, pastas, french fries, etc.), ice cream and candy these days. I have also created a million excuses for not working out these past few months.
  • I’m officially up 7 pounds and my regular clothes are no longer
    comfortable so I pretty much only wear dresses these days. While
    unpacking my box of maternity clothes I realized 60% of my wardrobe from
    my last pregnancy consisted of leggings. So I decided to purchase these, these and these on sale from Destination Maternity last week. 
  • “Pregnancy brain” coupled with “mommy brain” is no joke. I forget a lot of things these days, feel scattered all the time and have done my fair share of dumb things lately.
  • Lastly, we have decided we’re going to let Thomas and Caroline share a room and see how it goes. This may be the worst idea of all time but we’re going to give it a shot. Plus we would only have to buy an extra crib instead of furnishing an entire new nursery. Any mama’s with room sharing experience, I would love to know your thoughts!

And for fun – 19 weeks pregnant with Caroline (post)!



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Leigh Powell Hines

Thursday 7th of May 2015

Congratulations. What a beautiful name.