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A Full Belly & A Happy Heart

 Dear Caroline,

You forever changed our lives in the most incredible way possible on September 1, 2013. I can clearly remember the shock, excitement, fear and overwhelming joy your daddy and I experienced all in a matter of seconds as we read the word “pregnant” in that test strip window (and the 5 that followed). You are truly an answer to prayer. We were excited about our plans to grow our family but still can’t believe how incredibly blessed we were to get pregnant so quickly, and for that we are forever grateful to God.

The weeks during our first trimester were some of the happiest and most anxious moments of my life. I grew closer to the Lord than ever before, constantly praying and trusting that you would be healthy and grow just the way you were supposed to in my belly. Our prayers were answered again when we learned at 12 weeks pregnant that you were strong and perfect in every way. Sharing the news with our friends and family was so exciting and
everyone fell madly in love with you right away.

On November 28 both sides of our family came together to find out that you, our “baby M,” were going to be our little girl (a complete shock to me as I was almost certain you would be a boy) and your Grandma’s revealed your
name, Caroline Grace, in honor of your Grandma who loves you from heaven. It was the most emotional and best day of my life and I still cry when I reminisce those moments. Seeing that pink cake frosting literally took my breath away and for the first time in my life I understood the type of love that God has for His children because that is the exact love I’ve had for you since that moment.

These past few months we have been showered with so much love, support, prayer and gifts in anticipation for your arrival! We can’t wait for you to meet all of the wonderful people who already love you and have been praying
for you. In addition to the celebrations, we’ve prepared the perfect little nursery for you, attended tons of doctor’s appointments, nested and read countless books on what to expect once you arrive.


You consume our thoughts and conversations. Your daddy and I constantly ask each other questions about you. Will you have my red hair? Will you have your daddy’s eyes? Will you shock us all and grow tall? Will you come early? Will you have a sharp spiritual vision? Will you love school, or sports, or girly things? Will you be an extravert? We have so many surprises to look forward to.

I didn’t think I could love your daddy any more than I already do, but through this amazing journey my love for him has grown even deeper. He is such an amazing man and sometimes my heart feels like it could just burst with gratefulness to the Lord for blessing me with so much more than I deserve. I pray every day that you marry someone just like him. He loves you so much and you already have him wrapped around your little finger. Every day he rubs my belly, tells you how much he loves you and cuddles with us at night. I cannot wait to watch your daddy-daughter bond continue to grow on the other side of my belly. From golf lessons to math tutoring, he is going to teach you so many things.


Even though we have to wait a few more weeks until you are in our arms, I am going to continue to cherish this special time with you. I promise to do my best at being a mommy and though I know I will fail at times, I can promise you that I will forever love you with all of my heart. We are in for a lifetime full of happiness together, my darling. My heart is just as full as my belly and I am so thankful and humbled by this journey we have only just begun together. Thank you for making me a mommy. I love you.



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Amy DeVito

Saturday 12th of April 2014

This was absolutely beautiful. I had tears in my eyes the whole way through. What a beautiful keepsake for your daughter as she grows up.