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Back To School Style

I am on pins and needles over the highly anticipated announcement about what school will look like this fall. There are three re-opening scenarios being discussed right now for North Carolina schools which include: 1. Return to school in socially distant classrooms (temp checks, etc.) 2. A mix of in-person and remote learning (schools would operate on an A-B-C schedule with only one group being allowed in the building at a time. 3. Fully remote learning.

While we aren’t sure what the fall looks like just yet, we are focusing on the excitement of entering 1st grade for Caroline and TK for Thomas. Caroline is excited and a little nervous for the school year. She’s constantly asking when she’ll see her friends again, who her teacher will be, what sort of lunchbox she’ll get and what the school year will look like. Meanwhile, Thomas is pretty annoyed with us over our decision to put him in TK. Without a doubt, he will absolutely benefit from another year of kindergarten prep (especially after seeing what all that entails from Caroline’s kindergarten year) and I’m excited to see how much he will grow this coming year!

Thomas’s Polo Shirt + Shorts + Watch | Caroline’s Dress | Saucer Swing

One of the ways we are preparing for the coming school year is back to school shopping! We aren’t ready to take our kids in-store just yet but we are thrilled to partner with Walmart for online shopping! Last year we stocked up on affordable school clothes from Walmart and I was impressed with how well everything held up despite the kids destroying their clothing each day with playground dirt, art stains and smears from lunch.

Thomas’s Polo Shirt + Shorts + Watch | Caroline’s Dress | Saucer Swing

Walmart Fashion offers so many amazing dress options for little girls. Last year we got Caroline a watermelon dress from Walmart and it was her most worn item ever and it’s held up really well. So this year we purchased from the same brand and got several fun new prints!

Favorite Styles for Girls

Thomas’s Polo Shirt + Shorts + Watch | Caroline’s Dress | Saucer Swing

My favorite clothing item to stock up on from Walmart Fashion for Thomas are the polos!!! The quality is SO good and they are only a few dollars each! At the beginning of the school year I always get about 10 polo shirts in an assortment of colors and then add a fun monogram. Walmart also carries our favorite flat front khaki shorts. They go with everything!

Favorite Boy Styles

Thank you to Walmart for partnering with my family on this post and to my readers for supporting my blog. All products, purchases and reviews are of my own.

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Tuesday 14th of July 2020

The cutest little grins!! Aw what a scary time for everyone - our girls went back this week with social distancing, classes being split into two classrooms to allow for more space, compulsory mask wearing and no contact with other children or teachers. And so far so good - they have loved being back x


Tuesday 14th of July 2020

Aw they look so cute! Love that Sprinkles made a photo as well. Crossing my fingers y'all get the best case scenario for school this fall! This year is just :(

xoxo A

Aileen Johnston

Tuesday 14th of July 2020

We have 3 scenarios for going back to school in August. 1. Back full time with minimal changes but lots of handwashing and lots of cleaning. 2. As scenario 1 but with one way systems, only getting to play with kids in your class, eating lunch in your classroom etc etc. 3. Blended learning. Half the class in school, Monday and Tuesday. "Wellbeing Wednesday" for the whole school so no one will be in the building and the other half of the class in school Thursday and Friday. Obviously the days they are not in school they will be utilising Google Classroom and other ways to do school work. The majority of us are praying for Scenario 1 but will cope with Scenario 2. I really really don't want Scenario 3!!