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Caroline Grace {11 Months}

Caroline Grace,

Let’s pretend you’re not turning ONE in a few weeks.



11 Month Highlights:

  • Grandma and Grandpa sent your birthday present early and you now ride around town in the Britax Marathon Click Tight Car Seat. You still dramatically scream and sob from the second we put you in the car until the second we pull you out. It makes for lovely long rides. If one more mom tells me how much their baby “loved” car rides and would just fall asleep the second the car started moving…
  • Two awful stomach bugs.
  • Still a napping champ (2 long naps a day) and love to sleep on us for your naps at home on the weekends.
  • So wreckless all.the.time. Seat belts don’t work on you in shopping carts or your hi chair. At daycare the other day your teacher had to quickly grab you after finding you standing (and clapping) in your chair. You also like to freak us all out by trying to jump off your changing table during diaper changes.
  • Tricks: waving, clapping, lip smacking/popping, 5 second temper tantrums, standing unassisted for a few seconds, taking one step, dancing and saying dadda.
  • Down to about 12 ounces of Earth’s Best Organic Formula a day. New favorite foods this month include chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, bagels…aaaaand we’re not against shoving french fries at you when we eat out to keep you happy.

11 Month Favorites:

Little Tikes Baby Tree Swing // Britax Marathon Click Tight Car Seat // Play Kitchen // Disposable Place Mats {for eating at restaurants}// Activity Balls // Motrin // Pedialyte

{new swing}

{new car seat}

{new high chair}

{first slide ride}

 {favorite daycare pictures}



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