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Caroline Grace {18 months}

Oh, Caroline (aka “pooky”),

You are technically 19 months old now but let’s reflect on the the last few months. It has been really fun watching you grow and hear your vocabulary explode recently. I hope you aren’t picking up on the fact that anytime you say “I wuv you!” that we absolutely melt and give you get whatever you want. You are such a happy little toddler and everyone loves you. I’m so glad we’ve been blessed with many wonderful friends to fill your life with. We pray for you always and have been so thankful for your health. We love you with our whole hearts.



A few things I’ve been tracking in a phone note about you:

  • At 13 months you became obsessed with straws. Really obsessed.
  • At 14 months you became the very best big sister ever!
  • At 15 months a lot of your teeth came in at once.
  • At 16 months you finished your second set of swim lessons, we turned you forward facing in your car seat (doctor approved) and you may or may not watch too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.You also moved up to the next class at daycare and are the best little teacher’s helper (their words, not mine)!
  • At 17 months you began showing your belly button to anyone that would look. We also officially dedicated you to Jesus! And you gave us our first broken bone scare.
  • At 18 months you began saying “NO!” way too much and surprised us in the worst way possible with an awful sleep
    regression which happened to coincide with your brother’s 4 month sleep
    regression. You also love to eat with a napkin and wipe your mouth after every bite.

18 month stats:
Height: 30″ (5%)
Weight: 22 lb, 3.2 oz (44%)
HC: 18.31″ (57%)

Things you love: 

  • Our favorite time with you is first thing in the morning. You wake up super happy and we love it. You still wake up way earlier than us so we let you play in your crib for awhile and it’s hilarious to hear you babbling away.
  • Singing and dancing. Favorite songs are: Wheels on the Bus, ABCs and Row Your Boat.
  • Favorite party tricks: Saying “I wuv you!,” telling us sounds animals make, learning words of lots of foods, counting to “TWO” and (only two). Pointing to lots of body parts when we ask where they are (mouth, ears, eyes, nose, etc.). You are such a sponge, repeating lots of things you hear us say.
  • Bows, bows, bows. A quick way to wreck your day is to leave the house without a bow. You love to point to your head and say “Bo! Bo! Bo!!!!” 
  • Favorite foods: Chick-fil-a nuggets, milk, ketchup, pasta, pizza, yogurt, grits, pancakes, raisins, bagels and IHOP (see here and here).
  • Telling us you poo poo’d. Not before you go, but definitely after.
  • On the weekends you and your daddy go to the bagel shop early in the morning in your jammies to get coffee and breakfast for the family. It’s one of daddy’s favorite things to do with you and you love it too.
  • The relationship that you and your brother have is seriously the cutest thing of all time. So often we find you standing over him while he sleeps, gently patting his hand. And when he cries you come find us for his bottle or paci or blanket or anything else he may need.We moved your car seat to the middle and ever since you hold his hand anytime we ride in the car.
  • You love daycare and have made such great friendships with the other kids in class. Your teachers say you are so brave on the playground and are constantly trying to play on things for the older kids. And you play SO hard. When you come home each night you smell stinky and have dirt rings around your socks. It’s been awesome to see how much you’ve learned in class and every piece of artwork you bring home proudly hangs in our dining room! 
  • Nap time! Hallelujah! Right now we just say “night, night?” and you run to your room saying “nigh nigh!!!!” turn on your sound machine and reach up to be placed in your crib. And you sleep for a solid few hours. It’s amazing.
  • Bath time with extra bubbles! Also love sharing the tub with your brother.
  • Brushing your teeth after bath time. You think it’s so funny. Still working on the actual brushing part and not just sucking the toothpaste off the toothbrush. 
  • Favorite toys:

Peak Meltdown Moments Include:

  • Dinner time. You love to eat dinner as a family and you love leading grace before we eat followed by lots of clapping. However, you really only actually eat your dinner 50% of the time. The other half of the time you just scream at us that you’re “ALL DONE!” before your first bite and sob until we let you out of your chair. We’ve tried everything from sitting at your little table as a family to seating you in your high chair, a real chair, your bumbo seat and in our lap. We’ve tried letting you have your own kids plate, paper plate, adult plate, no plate and letting you eat off of our plate. Some days nothing works and we power through dinner as fast as possible.
  • The word “no.” Apparently it’s okay for you to say this all day long but when we say it you immediately throw yourself to the ground and especially love to do this in public places. So fun.
  • Car rides. Your pediatrician advised us to turn your car seat around earlier than normal since you were still fighting us so hard and making car rides unbearable. Forward facing has helped a little. Putting you in the middle seat so you can hold hands with your brother has helped a lot. But any ride longer than 15 minutes is pretty much awful still and no amount of cheerios, iPad videos, etc. works.
  • Anytime we take anything from you whether it’s trash, the plate of food you didn’t want or something you aren’t allowed to have.
  • As soon as I’m fully recovered we’re going to attempt to break your paci which you use at bedtime. 

And a few pictures from the past few months



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Sarah Alway

Friday 11th of December 2015

We just bought that same play kitchen for our son for Christmas! I hope he likes it!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg

Friday 11th of December 2015

She is just too adorable! I'm so glad our little Ellie isn't the only one having the toddler meltdowns - and all for the same reasons too!! x

Adelyn V

Wednesday 9th of December 2015

What a sweet dollbaby! Love the "I wuv you" video. TOO cute. My 18 month old just learned to say love (pronounced like "wuv") but we haven't gotten her to say the phrase yet. Adorable!

Julia Skalicky

Tuesday 8th of December 2015

She is the darn cutest thing ever! I'm jealous;) She is so sweet!


Tuesday 8th of December 2015

It continues to amaze me how similar toddlers are!! Lawter has been lifting her shirt to show her belly button to anyone she comes across and I'm so glad to hear that her weird little habit isn't unique to her HA! She also tells us when she's "poo'd" (like Caroline, NEVER before : ) ), all numbers are 2 (and all colors are blue), and is obsessed with "brushing" her teeth... which like you said really just means gnawing on the brush and sucking toothpaste. We still do MM Clubhouse but I got a little sick of it exclusively so we moved on to Chuggington (or as L says, "Choo Choos") and Henry Hugglemonster if you're looking to mix it up ; ) Good growing Caroline- keep it up!