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Caroline Grace {9 Months}

Caroline Grace,

You briefly went from “muffin” to “monster” this month! Teething has been so tough on you (and us) these past few weeks but you are finally feeling better and sleeping again. You now have FOUR teeth including two “fangs” as we call them because your top canines were the first to unexpectedly pop through before your two front bottom teeth. 

You are an eating machine and you amaze us and your teachers with the amount of food you can put down (like your mama). We recently transitioned you to the daycare meal plan in addition to the home food we pack and breakfast is your favorite. You love eggs, pancakes, grits, yogurt, oatmeal, lots of different fruits (you’ve been feeding yourself TWO whole bananas a day), veggies and lots of other random foods. You are an adventurous little eater so far and are happiest when you are feeding yourself.

You are so social and love to play with other babies at daycare, which is perfect since we’re giving you a permanent playmate in July. The other parents always joke about how you are the class leader and the “welcoming committee” because you wave and say “hi” to everyone that comes in your classroom. You love the limelight and have such a strong personality.

Your first birthday is completely planned. It will be small, simple and all about how awesome you are. To be honest, your birthday festivities are a welcomed distraction for me these days as I’ve had a really hard time watching you transition so quickly from infant, to baby, to a very mobile, independent baby. Every morning I still snuggle you and thank my lucky stars that you are here with us, bringing us smiles until our cheeks hurt and filling our home with more laughter than ever before. We can’t imagine our lives without you and praise the Lord for saving you back in September during that awful night. We will never take a day, a smile, or hell, even a dirty diaper for granted. You are our miracle and we love you with the purest love this life has to offer.



  9 Month Highlights:

 A few of our favorite daycare pictures that your teachers have sent us this month…



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Sara McCarty

Thursday 12th of February 2015

Good gracious, she is adorable! And she has just about as much hair as my little one! Bald babies are the best! Love that big smile! And her little legs crossed while she's sleeping in the crib...I die.


Tuesday 10th of February 2015

She is just the cutest!

Jordan - Queen of LA!

Tuesday 10th of February 2015

i loooooove that picture of her in the second row wearing the plaid - she looks like a tiny adult! what a cutie pie.


Tuesday 10th of February 2015

She is so precious and looks so happy! I love reading about her personality. :)


Tuesday 10th of February 2015

GAH! I could eat her up!!!! I LOVE how she looks so happy at daycare! Gives me hope that Conner will like his, too! (That is....once we get him IN one...some of ours here in Columbia have a TWO YEAR WAITING LIST. WHAT THE WHAT?!?!) She is never NOT smiling...precious girl!