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Christmas In Our Kitchen

Lots of you have asked for pictures of our new home. Truth be told, I just don’t feel like it’s in any shape to present yet. We haven’t purchased any furniture, hung anything on the walls or finished any of our DIYs. And guess what? I don’t think any of that will be happening any time soon either. I’ve given myself a one year timeline to get the house perfected to prevent myself from making any hasty purchases or rushing into decorations that I will later regret. Not to mention, I need to save up for all my projects because dang, furniture is expensive! Sheesh! 

So anyway, I’ve decided to at least give you a kitchen tour since this room has made the most progress. And by “progress,” I mean it’s decorated for Christmas!

Of course I have to start with a “before” picture…

And here she is, decked for the holidays…

Do you spy a DIY project in the corner? The hubby has been hard at work building me a farmhouse dining table! Not quite done, but it’s getting there so stay tuned…

Still looking for the perfect rug and new bar stools…

I need to figure out how to decorate those open cabinet shelves post Christmas…

I love festive towels! In fact, I think I own more Christmas themed bath and kitchen towels than regular ones, which explains why I am always doing laundry.

{Our framed 2011 and 2012 Christmas cards}

I love that we finally have a perfect spot to hang all of our sweet Christmas cards from family and friends in our new home!

 Poor Charlie. That little Santa on the ledge of the counter absolutely tortures him. He thinks it’s a toy for him and patiently sits and stares at it for hours sometimes. 

Hopefully I can share another room soon!


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Friday 28th of December 2012

Yeyy for a nice, big, new kitchen! Looks awesome! Love the decor, too ;)


Wednesday 19th of December 2012

Your kitchen is beautiful! I loooove the dark wood cabinets--very contemporary! That's so adorable about the Santa and Charlie. Aww. :) Are those cinnamon sticks in your "C" cup? What a great Christmas touch!

The Wanna-be Southern Belle

Wednesday 19th of December 2012

So rich and beautiful!! You'll love this kitchen for years to come too!!! I cant WAIT for the DIY farmtable. I want a farmtable with bench seating in our next home too :) World market has some great barstools at great prices. And I got our kitchen rug at peir one and love it. it was pricey for a rug in front of the sink but that spot gets so much use i would recommend getting a high quality one :) Merry Christmas and enjoy decorating!! xo

Leigh Powell Hines

Tuesday 18th of December 2012

Your kitchen is beautiful.


Tuesday 18th of December 2012

Your kitchen is gorgeous...I have kitchen envy.