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Family Room Lighting Dilemma (Help!)

Last week we had some really beautiful bookshelves installed on both sides of our fireplace! They have totally transformed the room and I can’t wait to share the progress soon! However, in the meantime I need some help from those of you who are way better at decorating than me (which is most likely ALL of you) with a lighting dilemma!

Our family room gets the most incredible natural light during the day. Sunshine literally floods the room thanks to our ginormous windows and I love it. However, we don’t have any other light sources in this room so once the sun sets it is nearly pitch dark!

So here’s the dilemma: How do I add light to this room?
  1. My first preference is recessed lights but I think the ceilings are too high (20-25 feet) for recessed lighting to make a difference, right?
  2. I dream about beautiful chandeliers but those are out of the budget and the Florida girl in me wants to keep the ceiling fans (side note: I also do not want to add light kits because I think the lighting would be too harsh, will draw attention to the fans and be a huge maintenance pain).
  3. We have floor plugs and are leaning towards floor lamps…but toddlers. Or maybe you can help me figure out a way to get my kids to stop throwing toys and balls over the stair railings and into the living room so they don’t destroy my future lighting. Ay yay yay. Also, do affordable and durable floor lamps exist? If so, where?!
  4. To the left of the room, leaning against the stairs wall is a foyer table that can easily accommodate two lamps, but I can’t find a set of pretty neutral lamps that I love and don’t break the bank (and I’m a frequent HomeGoods shopper!).
  5. Eventually we will get upgrade to a larger TV so maybe wall sconces at some point?

 Wingchairs | Ottoman | Sofa | Rug | Pillow | Foyer Table

 Help me find some lamps? Pretty please!

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sara [at] journey of doing

Sunday 11th of June 2017

We have this same issue... but we've got recessed lights (PITA but worth it for light). My husband drags a floor lamp in when he needs/wants it. It makes me slightly crazy, but it works. I'm on team recessed lights because it's a long term solution... I'll be adding lamps to our family room once I find the perfect coffee/end table combination. ;)

Tanveer Shah

Saturday 10th of June 2017

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Tonya Wilson

Friday 9th of June 2017

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