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Fancy Avocados?

You’ve probably caught on by now that I LOVE avocado. Recently, I’ve used it {here}, {here} and {here}! Since I go through about a bag of avocados a week, I buy them in bulk at Trader Joes, while they are still hard and green, and ripen them as I need them!

Here is a trick I use to speed up the ripening process

Place your avocado in a closed paper bag with a banana.



Within half a day, your avocado should be well on its way to ripening. The longer it sits, the more it ripens. I usually throw my avocado in a bag on the morning of the day I want to use it. By the time I get home from work it is squishy and ready for dinner!

Apparently ripe bananas release a lot of ethylene, which help speed up the avocado ripening process.


One more avocado trick to keep your avocado from browning



Instead of squirting the avocado with lemon juice {or coating it with cooking spray}, simply layer a lemon slice on the cut half of the avocado and wrap it tightly until you’re ready to use it.



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Everything and Anything

Sunday 13th of January 2013

just found this entry!!I will def. try it!!


Wednesday 17th of October 2012

Love love LOVE avocados! I also leave the pit in the avocado half I don't use immediately and wrap in plastic wrap. Most of it stays green until I'm ready to use it the next day. Great tips!!

Shannon Marie

Wednesday 17th of October 2012

Wow, these tips just blew my mind! Thank you so much for this post.


Wednesday 17th of October 2012

You are like the cutest little wife ever with all these tips. I am also obsessed with avocado. There is this amaze recipe on skinny taste.com bet you would like it. It is so delicious and skinny too. Can;t beat it. Great little trick honey!!


Tuesday 16th of October 2012

Love avocados!!! I was just telling my husband today that I hate how they go bad so quickly- thanks for advice!