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Faster Way to Fat Loss

At the end of each year, Matt and I always end up a few pounds heavier than we started at the beginning of the year. By the last week of December we are usually pretty anxious for January for a fitness reset. Last January we did Whole30 and loved it. We were planning to do it again but decided to change it up and join the Faster Way to Fat Loss program instead. I’m officially enrolled in the program which starts on December 31 but Matt will be benefiting from my healthier recipes so he’s sort of along for the ride too.

Why this program? Like many of you have probably seen, this program has been hugely popular over the past few years. I’ve been curious about it for awhile and was finally sold after having dinner with my friend Stephanie and hearing her rave about it (and seeing her amazing results). Also, I love how this program is meant to be a lifestyle change that doesn’t make you feel deprived and still allows your favorite treats (pizza, wine, french fries)!

About the Program

If you don’t know about this program, let me give you a quick overview. The Faster Way to Fat Loss is a 6-week online fitness program, created by Amanda Tress, that focuses on increasing your metabolism and burning fat through carb cycling, intermittent fasting (at night) and tracking macro nutrients of your diet – specifically fat, carbs and protein (through My Fitness Pal).

After enrolling in the program you receive a complete guide with daily workouts (optional) for the 6 weeks, nutritional guidelines, webinars, meal plan information and access to a Facebook group. At first it may sound intimidating or confusing, but I promise you are given tons of resources and information to easily understand and learn the program. In fact, the first week is called “prep week” and is dedicated to training you on the basics and answering all your questions so you feel completely confident starting the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a macro? I had no clue what a macro was before signing up! Macronutrients are proteins, fats, and carbs. As part of the program you track these nutrients daily using My Fitness Pal. Your macro allowance is personalized based on your height, weight and goals.

Do you have to belong to a gym? Nope! You can do the daily workouts at the gym or at home. Or you can do your own workout (I am going to continue my 9Round regimen). There are also participants who don’t do any workouts at all, and just focus on nutrition! It’s up to you!

Do you fast every day? Yes, you intermittent fast every day for 16 hours (overnight) and eat in an 8 hour eating window. For example, you may eat between 11 am-7 pm, then fast from 7 pm till 11 am. This  eliminates a lot of late night snacking!

What does a week food plan look like? You have two low carb days, two low macro days, and three regular macro days. As part of the program you will receive sample meal plans for lunches and dinners. Your coach and Facebook group community is also a huge resource for recipes, support and tips!

Can you drink alcohol? Yes. As long as it fits within your macros, you can drink in moderation.

Can you do it while nursing or training for a race? Yes! You will just modify your calorie, carb, water intake and workouts as necessary.

Can I do this as a busy mom? With a full time job? YES! As long as you want to do this, you CAN! We are all busy but you can make this work! Let’s do it together, friends!

What is the cost? The first six weeks round is $199. That may seem like a lot of money but this fee includes your coach (which is essentially your personal trainer), the online portal for tools and resources and a Facebook community for extra support. And it keeps you committed!

How do I sign up?  You can sign up with my coach, Kristen Mills, here (affiliate link). Each six week round has an official start date and they begin on a rotating basis. You must sign up by December 31 to join the January round!

Click Here to Sign Up for Faster Way to Fat Loss

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Gretchen Slemmons

Tuesday 7th of September 2021

Hi, I am looking for a North Carolina Faster Way to Fat Loss coach. I live in Pinehurst, where are you located? Are you still following the program?


Tuesday 8th of January 2019

I'm curious about this program, but live abroad and don't have access to Trader Joes, etc.!


Tuesday 8th of January 2019

You don't need Trader Joes! You can totally do it wherever you live! :)


Wednesday 2nd of January 2019

Love your hair/ bun in the picture . Need a tutorial !


Friday 28th of December 2018

This sounds intriguing! Please, please keep us/me posted on your progress and/or outcome! This sounds like something the hubby and I might want to do!!!