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First Week of School!

Last week was a big one for us! Caroline moved up to her new class at daycare on Monday and Thomas started (in Caroline’s old class) on Friday!

 Obligatory first day of school picture. Thomas is such a champ.

 All packed and ready to go!

Caroline doesn’t require bringing much to school anymore – just a lovey, a blanket, some backup clothes, sunscreen and diapers when she’s out. Luckily most of these items stay at school so we don’t have to cart them back and forth. However, she insists on wearing her backpack every day regardless of how empty it may be. She cracks me up.

Now Thomas is a whole different story! This little dude practically requires a rolly suitcase daily. For his first day we packed some backup clothes, a HALO sleep sack (which may or may not have his sister’s name monogrammed on the chest), Dr. Browns Bottles with my favorite Orbit bottle labels, Triple Paste, diapers and wipes. Matt and I agreed to be the “room parents” this year for Thomas’ class so I also threw in a short teacher questionnaire (thank you Pinterest) for his teachers to fill out.

Thomas did GREAT on his first day. There are only two babies in his class right now and he has three teachers (who we love!) so he is getting lots of love and attention. We receive lots of pictures throughout the day which make me so happy too. I missed this little man so much on Friday and am sad he’s already in daycare. I return to work next week so I’m going to drop him off for a few hours each day this week so he (and me) can adjust to this new routine. And uh, maybe I can get an overdue hair cut.

Caroline’s first week was R-O-U-G-H! Each morning at drop off she clung to our legs, bawled hysterically and didn’t want us to leave. And as luck would have it, we ran into her favorite old teacher on accident every morning too and Caroline would melt down in the hall. It was the saddest sight ever. And to make matters worse, the “routine” in this new class is for the kids to wave goodbye to their parents from the big window overlooking the drop off circle as the parents wave back before driving away. Heart wrenching. Not sure who cries more – Caroline or me.

But it wasn’t all bad! Twice per day Caroline and her friends enjoyed playing on the big playground (which her old class didn’t do until the last few weeks of school), went on a buggy rides, enjoyed the water table and more. Also, I have no clue how they made this happen but on the first day of school Caroline’s teachers sent me a picture of her napping on a MAT! I didn’t believe that was my child at first. She has been a super napper in her little corner of the room. Crazy.

Now for week two!

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Monday 10th of July 2023

so awesome)))

Clyde Jenkins

Thursday 19th of May 2022

First of all, I congratulate you on surviving this day and coping with everything. Remembering my first days at school, I was not ready for all the tests prepared for me. Although I was not a stupid child, everything was not easy for me. And now, when I grew up, I began to think about whether I should arrange a school at home, at least for the first time. Once I even wrote an essay about it using samples from as a guide for robots. I know that school is mainly about communication, and only then education, the social role in society is also essential. But knowledge helps more in life. We often continue to communicate with only 1-2 people after school and find good friends already adults, and communication skills can be obtained by walking on the street.

Lindsey Englert

Tuesday 8th of December 2015

Where do you get those adorable bookbags at?! I love them and need one! :)

Liz Jo

Sunday 13th of September 2015

I love how Thomas is kind of looking at Caroline like "You've done this before right?"Is it hard putting them in daycare? I feel like we just haven't found one that's good enough for us to put Sophie in one, but we know she should be in one someday.liz jo @ sundays with sophie

Sara Elizabeth

Sunday 13th of September 2015

Those first two pictures are EVERYTHING!!!! I love them!!! So sorry about all the tears - I'm sure that's so, so, so, so hard!!