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Five on Friday {Christmas Edition}

Happy Friday!!! We are officially 12 days away from Christmas! Can you believe it?! On the books for this weekend — a Christmas party tonight, Nutcracker event for work tomorrow and a Christmas cookie exchange on Sunday! It’s going to be a fun Christmas-filled weekend with lots of baking and wrapping to do!

– ONE – A festive OPI nail polish and a cute printable {found here} will make just about any girl happy. Am I right, or am I right? I picked up “All I Want For Christmas (is OPI)” for some girly Christmas prezzies earlier this week.

– TWO –  Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than coming home from work to a lit up house! Matt has an obsession with timed lighting in our house. I am not kidding. All of our lamps are on some sort of timer. Normally it bugs the heck out of me because I’m not allowed to turn the lamps on when I want to outside of the “programmed time” because it messes up the timer. However, I am thankful for those little timers around Christmas time when I can come home and my house looks so warm and cozy!

– THREE – Snowmen donuts. These were super easy to make and everyone loved them. I brought them to my bible study Christmas social and to my work party. All you need is a bag of mini donuts, a bag of candy corn {cut the white tips off for the orange nose} and a tube of black Cake Make frosting. My grocery store was out of gel frosting so I went with regular frosting and bought the matching Cake Mate tips to go with it. The regular tubed frosting is harder to work with since it doesn’t stick well to the powder so you’ll have to spend some time on these little guys perfecting them. All of the supplies were less than $7 and I have a ton of leftover materials to use again for my next party.

– FOUR – Of course I need to mention my wish list for a Christmas edition! Let’s be honest, starting next year our sweet little Caroline will be the center of our Christmas and I’m sure my wish list will be quite different. So for our final Christmas as just the two of us I decided to give Santa/Matt/Mom a wishful list of items I would love to see under our tree. Plus, I think I’ve been really, really really good this year.

Me Too Kaden Ballet Flat / GAP Candy Stripe Flannel Ruffle Capris Pajamas / Apple iPad 2 / KitchenAid Cook for the Cure Knife / Coco Chanel Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum / Nike Dual Fusion Running Shoes / Canon EF 50 mm Camera Lens 
*Funny Sidenote: All of my wish list item links I sent to Matt for “ideas for gifts for me” are from Amazon. As the Prime account holder, I’ve been receiving “order confirmation” emails each time he’s purchased something. Bless him. I laugh each time I see the email come through. 

 – FIVE – I am loving my newest chalkboard design {printable found here}…such an awesome reminder of the real reason for this season!!

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Your home is beautiful!!