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Five on Friday!

Happy Friday!

one. Cue the mommy guilt — my first work trip with my new job fell over “Muffins with Mom” this week at daycare. So on my way back into town I scooped the kiddos up from school and took them out for ice cream with “extra extra sprinkles.” They were pretty pumped and forgave me for missing the event!

two. My new Scout Tote arrived just in time for my girl’s beach trip next week! Isn’t she pretty?! I am a huge fan of Scout bags and their new summer collection prints are so cute. These totes hold SO much and are super durable — perfect for the beach! You can find the full collection here!

three. Yesterday was Caroline’s three year check up! I was a tad bit worried she would be scared during the doctor’s visit but that absolutely was not the case. She arrived fully prepared with her doctor’s kit and had the best time giving both Thomas and her pediatrician a full check up! Caroline checked out completely healthy (ALL THE PRAISE FOR HEALTHY). Thomas on the other hand…not so much. Thank goodness we were running too late to take Thomas to daycare before Caroline’s early appointment because our sweet doctor agreed to peek into his ears and immediately diagnosed him with a nasty ear infection in the ear his tube has already fallen out of.

four. Here’s to hoping this little trick of logging our doses on the bottle will help us keep up with Thomas’s medication! And this one is a full 10 days — eep! 

five. We are having the exterior of our house painted — grey! Or gray? Anyway, I couldn’t be more excited! The last decade of bird holes weren’t patched correctly in the stucco and the paint wasn’t matched to the house so there are literally little patches of different shades of grey alllllll over the house. But not for much longer! The painter is really on me to pick a color and I caaaaaaaaan’t! So I polled the internet and y’all apparently couldn’t decide either because the votes came in dead even for the lightest and darkest color!

Also, this is the house color I am obsessed with. I reached out to the owner but she wasn’t sure what the color was so I’m on a mission to match ours as close as possible!

Happy weekend y’all. I’ll be sitting in my driveway staring at my paint swatches…



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Monday 15th of May 2017

I vote #3. Love the higher contrast with white trim. And then a BEAUTIFUL door! I personally love teal, but yellow or navy would be pretty too!

Lizzie Simantz

Monday 15th of May 2017

Gray is going to look so good! Hope you find the perfect shade!!

sara [at] journey of doing

Saturday 13th of May 2017

3 looks like the closest one!! So glad that Caroline got a clean bill of health! Hoping Thomas is feeling better soon, too! Love the dose tracking!!! ;)

Sarah Shaneyfelt

Friday 12th of May 2017

I love a painted exterior! I really wanted to paint our brick white when we built, but our neighborhood restricts white crazy! We have to stick to a "natural" palette aka browns. I love #2!Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts


Friday 12th of May 2017

I think that house is Agreeable Gray or Stonington Gray. I like the top color the best because it's the brightest, but it's warmer than the other two and may look a little beige.

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday! Thank you all so much for your blog and post suggestions!!! I always enjoy hearing from my readers and am really excited about all of the ideas you gave me! Keep an eye out for some new posts coming your way! Also, I can’t wait to check out your favorite blogs to my reader!!

one. Let’s talk dinnertime, shall we? In our house dinnertime can be a bit of a battle with two toddlers. Unless it’s takeout no matter what we cook for Caroline she takes two bites and exclaims she is “all done!” We’ve found that the dinner setting is key to our success. This includes changing up where and how we eat. It’s like she gets distracted with excitement over something different and actually eats! So to switch things up at dinner we sometimes watch Sesame Street, some nights the kids are side by side in high chairs, sometimes they eat sitting on the counter top, sometimes outside, etc. etc. Most recently we added a The First Years Mickey Mouse Helping Hands Feeding Seat to our collection and let the kiddos take turns eating in it. And for some reason it’s miraculous. Whichever mini doesn’t get the chair gets to use our new Mickey feeding set and Mickey sippy cup!


Clearly it wasn’t Caroline’s night to sit in the Mickey Seat. Or Thomas’s night to have the Mickey cup.

two. PSA for fellow mamas of picky toddlers: Annie’s Pea B&J Pockets are a huuuuuge hit at our house and are a great way to trick your minis into eating some peas! FYI, I can only find them at Target.

three. If you haven’t already tried Trader Joe’s Avocado Oil you need to add it to your shopping list! I just picked up a bottle two weeks ago and it is hands down the best oil for cooking I’ve ever used. I am obsessed.

four. In non-food news, I have a question for you all. I need help with sunscreen! I am almost certain that I have a sun (or possibly an SPF) allergy. It only affects my face but anytime I apply sunscreen to my face it breaks out into an itchy rash that turns into blotchy redness and then dries out my face and flakes for weeks. So truthfully, I try not to even use sunscreen on my face (I know, I know!!!) and usually wear a hat instead for short bursts of sun exposure. However, the best sunscreen for EXTREMELY sensitive skin that I’ve used so far is Josie Maran’s Moisturizer with SPF 47. I just ran out but before I reorder for Jamaica I wanted to check with the fellow sensitive skin ladies to see what y’all use. (And hopefully it’s cheaper.)

Also sun related, I just ordered Heliocare after doing some research. I haven’t tried this before but I’m excited to see if it helps reduce the nasty side effects to my face from sun exposure.

five. A few of you emailed me from Monday’s post asking where Caroline’s dress is from. It’s from Old Navy and we have it in two colors (navy and light red)! The back is SUPER cute too. Currently on sale for $13 but is only left in warm stripe (pictured above).


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The Girl who Loved to Write

Monday 15th of August 2016

Ooh definitely trying the avocado oil!


Monday 15th of August 2016

I love this stuff! elta - mine is not the tinted one though...

Kristen Henderson

Sunday 14th of August 2016

Have you tried neutrogena clear face? I am sensitive to sun as well and I swear by neutrogena sunscreens!


Friday 12th of August 2016

These are my favorite face sunscreens.Both neutrogena....clear face spf 30, healthy defense moisturizer with spf 30.Also the Annie's pea b & j, are they in the frozen section?

Jessica | Being Bradfords

Friday 12th of August 2016

The Rodan+ Fields Soothe Mineral Sunscreen would be great for you!

Five on Friday!

– ONE – I seriously cannot thank you all enough for the prayer and encouragement you all blessed me with after learning the news of my dad’s cancer battle {post}. So many of those emails and comments met me in some of my most broken moments and uplifted me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I know that God uses every circumstance to bring us to our knees and draw us closer
to him and that we will get through this. So many of you have experienced or are currently experiencing similar battles and I am humbled to learn of your stories too. I wanted to share my story in hopes that any of you facing a similar situation could relate and not feel so alone. Or maybe something else big is happening in your life – you’re loved one is sick, you recently experienced a miscarriage or are battling infertility, you’re going through a divorce, you lost your job or are struggling in some way. If there is a way I can pray for you please let me know. This community is powerful and I am so thankful for you all.

– TWO – I am anxiously counting down the days until we can get down to sunny Florida to be with my family! This will be Caroline’s first flight and I am a bit nervous, not so much about the actual 1.5 hour flight but carting suitcases, strollers, baby, carry ons, formula and more through the airport. It should be interesting. If any of you have any tips on flying with a 7 month old, please share!!

– THREE – Earlier this week my girlfriends surprised me with such a thoughtful gift – the snuggliest blanket, a delicious Christmas candle and the prettiest mug. Even Charlie was jealous of my coziness.

– FOUR – Last night Matt and his partner Bryan hosted their first firm event and it was such a success! Guests were invited to a mini holiday party at the office where tons of Chick-fil-a nuggets and a variety of beer was provided. At the end of the event each person was given a branded six pack holder to stuff a variety of beers in to take home. It was a hit and I was so happy to help! Proud of these guys and how far they’ve come in their business!

– FIVE –  This weekend is going to be a busy, festive one! Tomorrow I am working my firm’s annual Nutcracker event. I always enjoy this event. It’s so fun to see all of the little girls arrive in their fancy dresses, so excited to meet the ballerinas, take a backstage tour, eat sugar cookies and watch the Nutcracker. And on Sunday I’ll be attending Mel’s annual cookie exchange! Thank you all for the recipe ideas. I am definitely leaning towards the “pour everything in one pan, bake, cut into 4 dozen pieces” route!

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you want to share!).

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things and say hello!




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Allison Cronin

Monday 15th of December 2014

Prayers to you and your family! I agree with all of the flight suggestions. I tested with the Bjorn one way (checked the stroller) and then keeping the stroller on the way back. I think Abby was happier on the plane after being in the stroller until boarding. Definitely use a bag for your stroller. One of our car seat adapters was lost and then the stroller was useless! Also keep in mind smaller feedings with a short flight. I had issues with the bottle for landing since she was already a little full. And finally, I just read about a woman who handed out treat bags to passengers around her that included ear plugs and a note: "Please bear with us, it is our first flight." She said it changed the mood around her. Good luck and happy holidays!!

Well Hello!

Monday 15th of December 2014

Stephanie covered most of what I would say about traveling with a little but there is a few things I would add:1. If you have any sort of carrier bring it, and use it in the airport. TSA won't make you take her off and you now have your hand(s) free to help with luggage, tickets, etc. 2. Leave your stroller at home. I have the same stroller as you, and while it is a great help when tooling around town it is not worth the hassle of getting it through the airport. Also I've seen many a stroller get broken (even being gate checked). Once you get to Florida you can pick up a cheap umbrealla stroller new for 20 bucks. You could get your family to start looking for a gently used one for less. And you only have to do this once because it can just stay there with them when you leave. 3. I would second feeding while taking off and landing. The paci didn't help my little guy when we were landing, and I think that is because swallowing is the key to getting their little ears to pop. Once he started eating he was fine.Everyone really is exceptionally nice when you have a baby in tow. Just make sure to leave extra early so you don't feel rushed/frazzled to begin with. Good luck and happy holidays!

meg- made

Saturday 13th of December 2014

Much much love to you all. Once you've done your first flight you'll be an instant pro, but nerves are normal for anything new when it comes to babies! I did a really long post about our travel tips after we'd done about 50 flights, so if you still want a little more reading on the topic, head here...Babes on a Plane.Sending extra hugs to you all xx

Jennifer Miller

Saturday 13th of December 2014

Keeping you & your family in prayer this Advent season.... God indeed cam to be with us, through it ALL. Enjoy the special time in Florida! Honestly, traveling with a baby is easier than with a toddler, I think.... Nursing helped so much when taking off & landing, as did keeping her comfy, cozy & warm on the breezy plane. Less is more with packing.... Ie: buy diapers there. And less to lug around! Thanks too for your prayer for our families as well. Grateful for your sweet blog!

April of A. Liz Adventures

Friday 12th of December 2014

Such great flight tips above, I need to pin this post just for that! Hugs and love to you, sistah!