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Home Update

I have a little home update for you. It’s
definitely not a lot but we are making progress!


Although it doesn’t look like it, our dining room is actually a pretty high priority since we love to
entertain and eat dinner at the table.
This room feels so naked right now. I kind of know how I want to decorate it, but I change my mind weekly.

Matt is adding the finishing touches to our
handmade farmhouse dining table. I had originally set my heart on {this} overpriced table,
but ended up with a much more amazing version {so proud of the hubby}! Only a few more coats of polyurethane and Briwax and we’re finished. 

Oh, and just to be an overachiever, he also built a matching bench. Tutorial to come…

The chairs on the left side of the table are Madeleine side chairs {on sale for $99/each, plus 20% off} from Restoration Hardware. I think I am going to try and make seat cushions for the chairs…eventually. The hunt for the perfect head chairs continues…

We also scored a super deal on a {jute rug} for $140 {65% off} from Rugs USA! The catch? It’s on backorder until the end of January. Totally worth the wait, I guess. Once it arrives, I will post another update.


This room briefly took priority when
we found out Lindsey and Ryan were coming to visit us last month. We are pretty happy with the progress of this
room although it is far from done.

Low priority items for this room include
purchasing a large comfy chair for the corner, building an upholstered headboard,
window treatments, replacing the mattress and bedding and purchasing a large rug. No rush on this room.

Master Closet
Remember that blue Moroccan Trellis rug I posted on Instagram last week? Well, it was too small for the living room, so it got moved to the closet. This rug also came from Rugs USA for $109 {50% off}!

Living Room

Since the day we put an offer on our home, I knew I wanted a decorative fireplace mantel for the living room. After months of surfing Craigs List, I finally found the perfect mantel for $75!

 Please ignore the ugly cords running down the side of the mantel. Mounting a TV to an exterior wall was definitely not as easy as we thought. Turns out we need an electrician to finish the job. Not awesome.

However, I cannot get over the before and after transformation of this room!

 I love how much the mantel brightens the room and opens up floor space. We still aren’t sure if or how we are going to decorate the center {beadboard, tiles, chalkboard, etc.} I am kind of liking it the way it looks now.

Those are all the updates for now! Stay tuned…


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Kinsey Miller

Monday 11th of November 2013

Not sure if anyone's gotten to this before me, but we have the same problem with our mantle - and as a quick fix what I did was purchase a long white extension cord, plug everything into it up on top of the mantle, hide the darker cords behind the TV, and run the single white extension cord down the side of the mantle and (in our case) under the carpet to the outlet. You could just use tape to secure it to your baseboards for hardwood. It hides the clutter of the plugs and darker wires and without that distraction most people don't even notice the white cord!

Arif Sorkar

Monday 21st of October 2013

It’s time to go beyond conventional home decoration techniques and try a few visually interesting ideas to revamp your home. jute rugs Ornate or simple patterns, bright or neutral colors, rectangle or oval; consider all design elements to make your chosen sisal rugs sisal rug simply perfect for your living area.

Angelina Winter

Tuesday 15th of October 2013

The design is amazing! I really like it! Please, could you tell me, where I can buy cheap decorative mantel? <3


Friday 15th of February 2013

Oh my goodness! My husband is making the SAME ish table! I was looking at a dining set from pottery barn when he got the idea to make one :) We are building a house right now so he doesn't plan on working on it until everything is squared away... but yours looks so awesome!!! He did a great job!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife

Friday 18th of January 2013

OBSESSED with the rug in the master! and I love the dining room table!